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  1. For the cost of a tune you could get a Gen 4 manual. Gen 4 blows the Gen 3 out of the water. With that said I personally would still consider a Gen 3 :D.
  2. Heh heh, called it! I didn't bother with new filters in the end. Glad it sorted your issue.
  3. Pull the AVCS solenoids out and check for debris from the banjo filters collapsing. Ensure that the solenoids can move and put them back in. Very common issue causing rough idle/low rpm running. Pulled mine out and the filters were stuck in the solenoid mechanism jamming it at high advance.
  4. Not sure who tunes BE/BH Legacys these days. Certainly it won't be cheap unless you can DIY. I would just run 98 as much as possible and carry a couple of octane boosters for when you are stuck and have to use 95. I'd be worried if it's been running on 91 and driven anything more than gentle.
  5. Yep your wheels are too aggressive offset. +45 is about the lowest you can go with a 225/40/18 on the rear without catching the back of the guard. Guard rolling may help a little, but from memory it's the screw bit at the back/top of the guard where the bumper is attached that catches and you can't roll that bit. You may be able to cut or "adjust" to fit. I had +42 and it rubbed with 225/40/18. Changing the shock won't solve the issue, only a skinnier tyre or higher offset wheels. You could go to a 215/40/18 all round, as 215/45/18 might still rub.
  6. I feel like there's a gap in the market for someone that can make up exhausts with J-pipes/Helmholtz resonators etc. applying a bit of theory to what they do. Doesn't have to be stainless or weld porn etc. just functional and low drone. I would pay for that!
  7. Take the snorkel out and you will hear the factory blow off valve a bit.
  8. I always use Mobil 98 as its always 10-15c cheaper than BP. We also have a Gull near by so that seems to put price pressure on the BP/Mobil next to it, but BP 98 never gets a discount.
  9. 7.5l/100km on the open road. It's sitting about 10l/100km on daily wife duties in traffic.
  10. Nah, the RS4 is OK, just watch out for carbon cleaning. The 535i is actually darn good on gas. My M5 on the other hand...
  11. The white one on trademe seems to be pretty decent.
  12. RIP brother imperial blue brilliant effect metallic 535i
  13. I have no idea about WRX turbos, but from your description it would seem you just need something slightly bigger and with more flow. Note people, it needs to pull to redline, not more torque. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/turbos/auction-1589508290.htm?rsqid=b69f2217b8614643b20ab6b3fbbb61c3&estd=af%3dcat2%3a1_877%26lbc%3dtrademe%26lot%3djson%26p%3dLG%26ts%3djson-full%26uid%3d820355481%26w%3dsti%20turbo%26url%3d1589508290%26rk%3d64 I can sell you a Legacy TT with 200kw that pulls to redline
  14. Yep, what a chump ;P I couldn't figure out how long it has been. That means I must have had it in 2009 or something Almost a decade ago!
  15. Here's how I learn't to drive a manual: One day about 6 years ago I saw a manual 3.0R at a dealer, I asked for a test drive. The guy gave me the key. Off I went. It was fun. I bought the car in the end. The 3.0R manual is a lot better than the auto. In the turbo I don't think it's as much of an issue. Think of the 3.0R manual like an Accord Euro R. With that said, the turbo can be a lot faster.
  16. The auto 3.0R is a leave it alone car, you won't get much more out of it after a tune. Grab the turbo, it has more torque and power and a couple of bolt ons and a tune will see a decent HP upgrade.
  17. Rear sway bar only. Pick up a front strut brace if you want to though, they are cheap. I have all the braces. Front and rear, upper and lower. White line bars front and rear and adjustable suspension. IMO, the front sway bar is too much, it cant deal with tight corners such as round abouts in the rain as it just doesn't roll enough.
  18. It's the offset that's the big problem. You need to be around +45 with a 225 tyre to be close in the rear. +40 on a 215 tyre might be OK also. My sedan had 225s with +45 and it was catching the front edge of the rear guards.
  19. My money is on it being hot as S*** at the moment. Dyno again at 15 degrees, instant gainz!
  20. It kicks in from 4-5krpm but it doesn't start making power until 5kprm. It should pull well from 5-7krpm.
  21. They will be good if you can get them for the same price as RE003 otherwise probably not worth the extra. Otherwise Hankook S1 Evo 2. Buy 3 get 1 free at Hyper. K115 Prime 2 might also be good for a more comfort oriented tyre.
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