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  1. I have a brand new 22680AA310 airflow sensor if you want it?
  2. I30N are a pretty ballin hatch to consider too
  3. Unsure what the mounting for the VF45 turbos are but the PW TMIC fits fine on the TD04HLA's. A little unusual as Andy said but still works fine.
  4. Hahahaha Ill probably come for a gander on the 13th but I wont be putting it out on track.
  5. You're pretty much on the money there I'd say Andy. Personally I'd get an aftermarket Midpipe and apart from all the things Andy's already mentioned would be a aftermarket TMIC. After all that's done it starts getting REALLY expensive to make more power.
  6. I was wondering what you were thinking ahah. Okay so, getting a 2nd hand throttle body unit with motor/sensor from gotasubi. Will put that in next friday, do a oil change and clean whatever throttle stuff I can find then take it to the track on the 3rd and see if this throttle body has fixed the issue. Here's hoping. If not it's probably the MAF maxing out at 5.0V so I'll have to get a bigger MAF pipe.
  7. I will, but curious, why the one at the pedal? Accelerator position stays at 100% while throttle position dips to 0% randomly
  8. Okay so, I've had an issue with my Legacy from day 1 (2003 BL5 5speed turbo) Issue only happens on track. Gives me a few trouble free laps but then down the straights it cuts power. It was alright to start with but just getting progressively worse (With the new engine, EJ25, EJ20 heads, twin scroll turbo etc) Now barely gives 1 trouble free laps, cuts power, smokes A LOT (Black Like overfuelling) and is just an all round pain in the ass. Last trackday I done some logging on a scan tool. Coolant temp only ever got to 100 degrees once, IAT was 25-30 so they're not too bad. Tuner has noticed that one the data logging, it seems that randomly, my accelerator pedal position reads 100% but the throttle position just cuts to 0%. Anyone come along this kind of problem before? Car is running a stock ECU just retuned, however I've been having this problem since it was completely stock.
  9. Yeah, you've gotta get it sent to Subaru to get the new ECU coded to the vehicle, even if it's an identical ECU
  10. Brand whore... Thats me The Dom 1.5 will have a better/thicker compressor housing than my 3.0. Also I haven't seen it been done to any others. External wasnt much of a mission, just a pain after spending all that money on a turbo just to have it crap out. My gate is VTA. It will be recirculating eventually but it looks like a real pain to do.
  11. During, a couple laps in. Cool t down for 20mins in the pits and its good for another few laps.
  12. Sorry, been very lazy checking the forums lately! OP, my mods are as follows: Process West TMIC Process West TGV Deletes ID1000's EJ257 (8.8:1 Compression ratio with 2.0L heads) Dual AVCS Blouch 3.0XT-R Twin scroll Tomei twin scroll Exhaust manifold Full turbo back exhaust K&N Intake Power is around 267kw, can go more just MAF is maxed out. Torque is 514nm and running 22psi My opinion is, If you're going racing, get a FMIC. The TMIC does a great job for looking stealthy and for boosting around on the road a little, but as soon as you hit the track it heat soaks very easily. The size of the turbo? For a 2.0L I'd be going with a 1.5XT-R Twin scroll sorta size. The 3.0XT-R Twin scroll is a tad lazy even on the 2.5L Going Blouch? I wouldn't touch them again. When my turbo arrived, it came with single scroll gaskets, not twin scroll. First time I tightned a clamp onto the Bouch's housing to connect the intake the housing bent (Photo below). 10,000km in the internal wastegate failed on the Blouch, they wouldn't fix it as it was out of warrenty (6 month warrenty for a turbo that expensive?). Had the weld the internal gate and go external. Not happy with Blouch's quality.
  13. I will be plumbing mine back in eventually. Wanted a setup like Boons but being twin scroll, the size of the external gate and having that steering column in the way it was gonna take way too much pissing around to get it right. So I took the easy way out. Will figure how to plumb it back in later ahhaha
  14. I've gone from the stock dual mass to a Exedy single mass. From memory it was a 4kg drop in weight and to be honest I couldn't really feel a whole lot of difference. I've had 0 issues with it. No extra noise or vibrations over the stock one so it's really your choice. Slightly faster revving but really nothing in it at all.
  15. Hey mate, Going from a 99 to a 03 in terms of power stock for stock there's really nothing in it. In my opinion the 99's have better low end and top end power, but the 03's have a lot better mid range (unfortunately they die above about 6000rpm). As everyones said here, a decent exhaust (catless) and a tune should net you some decent gains. 3 port electronic boost contorl solenoid is a good one aswell for ease of tuning and more accurate boost pressures. Unfortunately for you and me, STM are the only "Reputable" tuners around our area. Unless you want to spend hours driving to Auckland or Hamilton to go to somewhere like Dtech or E&H for a tune then you're **** out of luck. I took mine to STM to get tuned and they've done good for the most part (This was back when Chris was tuning) and will be taking it back to them again after the fuel system goes in. Goodluck with the buy, they're really nice cars!
  16. Possibly a bit of both? Surely there's far too many issues to solely be maintenance. Reguardless this is the sole reason I went for forged pistons in my EJ257 and will be servicing evrey 5,000km *thumbs up*
  17. Mine were on so tight my impact gun didn't even budge them. Get a longer bar, as much leaverage as you can and give it a sharp, quick pull.
  18. In for information. Post-intercooler MAF dosen't sound like a bad idea at all...
  19. Ahh yeah, I done this a different way, I ended up getting CP pistons that suit EJ20 heads instead of getting the combustion chambers machined. I'm unsure who actually does the machining of them, maybe have to send to America? Really, I think the stock EJ25 pistons work fine with the EJ20 heads, just a little extra compression ratio (I worked out mine to be 8.8:1). Had the stock EJ25 pistons CC'd and they came out at 24.2cc, making 8.8:1 and is was fine with this, got CP to make me those same pistons just with deep valve reliefs on both sides (As I wasn't completely sure if the EJ20 head would work with the EJ25 valve reliefs)
  20. I'm starting to like this thread I've got a brand new set of EJ257 pistons for the build if you're keen on this
  21. Seems like a pretty cool idea.... If you were to keep twins you'd be keeping sequential obviously? Maybe keep your stock primary turbo and go with a TD04 19T for the secondary? Just a thought, I know F all about TT setups anyway
  22. Flatnats 2015, Manfield full track, managed a 2:18 in my Legacy (like 2mm tread on tyres).
  23. Would not recommend kakimoto, extremely loud and droney. HKS probably wouldn't be too bad though
  24. Just wanted to say that I went on a little trip to see Phil at Speedtech. We had a good little chat and he seems like a really good/cool guy. We ended up putting the "Not so good" things I've heard down to poor quality control by others and a few people I know being a little sour over the price increase of the tune. I have no problem about the price increase (If you do good work, you deserve to get paid good money for it IMO) and I will be taking it to Speedtech to get tuned. I will give a bit of a review on the tune in my build thread once it's all done. Untill that it's a waiting game!
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