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  1. Never had any issues getting what ever boost desired this way. 4 ports are usually very sensitive to changes in duty cycle. If you have enough pressure to push open a internal wastegate with back pressure too high then you have way too much backpressure or too weak a spring
  2. Pressure port goes to bottom port and also t's to the 3 port valve. Then top port goes to #2 port on 3 port valve
  3. You can use a 3 port for a duel port internal gate
  4. If anyone needs lower arms I may have some for sale?
  5. All nz new. 1 outback is my offroad towing one/work hack. 1 is my weekend legacy/trip car manual one. 1 is my old work hack that didn't have traction control so now used when we have visitors and is also on your drive. 1 was bought for renting out and currently rented out. Wife has a v11. Not recalled.
  6. I have 3 out of 4 bps recalled. All parts are in stock at dealers for mine. Need to find time to do them though
  7. Subaru new Zealand are being good and are going to do a special price for dash if u want to change it.
  8. There should be a accessory plug in most Subaru's 2001 ish on above the throttle pedal. It's designed for all add ons Op connector subaru
  9. I emailed today so will let you know what they have to say
  10. Silcock transport. Nice guy and does motorsport. Good pricing to
  11. Some pre facelift ones have airbags in them. Most my ones do. Has to be a limited or spec b
  12. When they start leaking yes they need to be replaced. 1 of mine leaked at 145km and I've had 1 over 310km so no real km they last
  13. We had the same issue with the divider breaking off once. It did last a while though.
  14. Attached photo. Just stopped air going around the radiator. Hood scoop now cools power steering and gearbox.
  15. We running fmic as well and no sprayers. We are running e85 while does burn cooler. We found on avgas we were seeing about 105degrees Temps
  16. Scales radiator and well setup ducting. Water temp sits on 93 ish on 10+km rally stafes
  17. I have the door lock motors in stock if you don't want to wait for ebay
  18. Better handling and response I find. But yes reade off is I find over harsh pit holes it bangs quite badly. Being a weekend car for me it's a nice trade off
  19. I have the kca334 in my car and the first one lasted about 50000km before perishing. The next one is still good 30000 on
  20. Pull apart and clean. They pretty simple inside
  21. They don't take much to make them sticky. Have to be super careful with them. I've had 2 different times they have stuck
  22. When you launch the engine tries to twist backwards. That's what it's for. If you were rwd you wouldn't need it
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