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  1. Yup if you have the headlights on (I believe only then) and wash the windscreen, they should pop out and spray as well.
  2. Yeah wanted something big that could comfortably tow the RS and not worry about weight limits etc. Non turbo 6. I knew if I got the turbo model I'd just want to modify it.... A friend has a G6E Turbo and it's just ludicrous, I absolutely love it, but yeah if I got one then the RS would never get any attention...
  3. Picked up a new tow vehicle for the Rally Car yesterday, the newest car I've owned by 12 years, and definitely the nicest car I've owned! 2008 Fairmont Ghia, nice leather interior, and more importantly it has a 2.3T tow bar on it
  4. Can confirm I never wired it up to detect the gears in the RA. Back when I had it in the FTO I also didn't have it picking up gears, and accidentally remote started: it in gear, at a petrol station, behind a police car... Yeah that didn't end too well.
  5. Looks really clean, nice buy!
  6. Yup that's all you need to do, if the 4 pin plug is already there, then it's all plug and play, if it's not there, then you need to run the two additional wires from the ECU. As soon as it's all plugged in, it'll just work
  7. Took the RS for a few laps at Levels Raceway for the 4 & Rotor South Island Champs, I think the pictures tell me I need to do a bit of suspension work....
  8. So here we go, It's definitely stock, and peaking at 22 or so. Dropping down to 12PSI in the top end, oh and Faaaar from running lean We're thinking we'll throw the new exhaust on when it turns up this wee (Invidia R400), maybe throw a new air filter at it, and then give it a quick tune. Thoughts?
  9. Does anybody know if this could be done on a 2008+ STI? I'm sure there's a way to track down the parts, but whether it's as straight forward as the legacy?
  10. It's got the Tomei sticker on the back, and a factory exhaust, but a very clean one, so I have a feeling it may have had an exhaust etc done back in Japan. the only "mod" so to day is the Blitz boost gauge, and that's it that I can see, engine bay looks 100% stock. Doesn't appear to be a spike, in 3rd gear+ once you're on it, it stays a very stable 1.5Bar. No apparent leaks etc. It's booked on the dyno on Friday to have it looked at, as we're more curious than anything, and just want to make sure it's not going to run lean or anything.
  11. Hey all, We just recently picked up a 2011 JDM GRB STI, see below. Does anybody know what boost they should run from stock, and what boost level per SI drive mode? I noticed on Intelligent mode, it boosts to 0.25 bar, and on S# it boost to 1.5Bar, is this stock for one of these? As I wasn't expecting quite so high boost! Cheers
  12. Yeah he said it's much smoother than it was previously, I'm looking forward to giving it a good drive. Just a couple of small things to sort first. Compared to the old tune below, it's a much nicer curve!
  13. Tune just completed on the rally car, 30KW increase, and a much smoother tune in general, very happy
  14. A friend tried it in his Mazda 6 MPS this weekend, he says he found it to be pointless for his situation, as he runs a meth injection system, that deals with the Knock resistance, so yeah i can't see him rushing to buy more.
  15. Those taillights are nice! Picked up a new car for my Dad on the weekend, 2011 STI. Drove it back to Dunedin from Christchurch via Mt Cook, so had to get some photos of what I could in the crummy weather! Such a nice car to drive, and totally different to the A-Line STI we used to have!
  16. Added in to the calendar, the details are here:
  17. until
  18. NPD are opening here in Dunedin soon too, confirmed to have 100RON there as well, so I'll be looking to retune the rally car on it, since that won't be leaving the island any time soon. Getting a fresh 98 tune this week, so once we have 100 here, I'll do a comparison
  19. Anybody here heading to Timaru for the track day as a part of 4 and Rotary South Island Champs, in a few weeks? There's a crew of us (not all Subaru people) coming up from Dunedin, so it'd be cool to meet up with some fellow Subaru people!
  20. We drove down to Invers on the weekend and did the exact same in a mate's falcon. Can't say we really noticed any difference, but it didn't help we were towing a car trailer. What peeved us off, is that 100 octane in invers is cheaper than 98 here in Dunedin! Haven't done anything to my car today, but tonight I'll be pulling the turbo to replace a cross threaded stud, and pulling the down pipe to move the O2 sensor.
  21. Absolutely perfect, thank you so much @gotasuby!
  22. Does anybody know the pinout for the 3 wire VSS? I've done some googling, but I'm unable to find the actual pinout, and am having trouble with it. I've got an RS legacy, with a Link G4+ and I'm trying to convert it to a digital speed sensor, as I no longer use the original gauge cluster. Any help would be appreciated!
  23. I personally use Apet in Dunedin, never had any issues, quite a few of the rally guys use him too. He owns a turbo legacy himself, and I've known of him to flash quite a few of them! Has an in-house AWD dyno too. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  24. Hey all, So I'm wanting to go top feed on my RS, I have a Rev D Legacy manifold with pink top feed injectors and rails, but it's a off-set manifold, so I can't just use it. I was told at one point you could buy the Carl Davey adapters to use those manifolds, but they no longer produce them. So the other option I was considering was using my later model intake that I've got that does fit, but uses phase two side feed injectors, and making an adapter to fit the top feed rail onto it. The issue then is sealing the top feeds in the side feed housing. Any suggestions on how to do this? Anything would be much appreciated!