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  1. I have a V3 engine with no water pump mondine to oil sandwich plate. Originally going to re-install an oil filter relocation and cooler kit so brought a 2 outlet water pump. Couldn't get the connections to stop leaking so removed the relocation and cooler. No sandwich plate filter now fits direct. Went to Manfeild with it and had no problems so intend to leave it as is now unless I see a reason to change. My understanding is that the mondine does in fact move warm/hot water and is not a cooler at all. I tend to let mine warm up to operating temperature before any boosting so not worried about it. Both at track day and on the journey there & back oil temp operated at around 92-96 C which is well within operating temp. Oil pressure remained as expected at all times. No water temp issues either. I don't know about a V7 but won't be changing mine again unless the car gives me a reasons too through the gauges. Do you have gauges for oil pressure & temp to monitor what is happening?
  2. FYI ordered some exhaust gaskets from them and delivered bang on one week from order day, seems things have returned to normal. First time I have tried them and just wanted to see what it was like.
  3. There are a number of places to get these from and all about same price. Because they are low profit item they need volume to make it worth doing some with club logo / web address on them. Something to be considered but we don\'t have any at this stage.
  4. As in the past this thread seems set to raise multiple questions all in one. Paid membership; It\'s a choice, there is a Paid Members section on forums and there is some minor benefits currently but nothing to knock your socks off. It\'s $30 on first joining and $25 for renewal. It is simply a way to support the club maintaining the forums and activities. Simple to do and if interested PM me and I will send you the how. We do ask those wanting to be paid members attend an area meeting and meet the area rep. Call it a form of vetting if you want but works well and encourages participation locally as well as on the forum. Stickers & Banners; On becoming a paid member you get a couple of small ClubSUB stickers which do help identify you to other members and are reasonably discreet, and a membership card. The larger banners are of a size suitable for front or rear windscreens. The purpose of having them available to paid members is simply to have some governance on there use. The logo is a significant identifier for the club. Yes, we cannot control its full use, but we can be responsible in managing where possible for all the those who have one on their car already. For sale section; No one appreciates someone joining and immediately flogging their stuff. There is usually some comments when someone does that this looks after itself. I always feel a little uncomfortable when some post a rave about paying for something presented through the forums and didn\'t receive it or is part of a dispute! It happens, but rarely considering all the items that do get listed, and mods are pretty keen to try and get good outcomes. A common sense approach by buyer & seller is required. It always brings up some polarising comments though. All opinions welcomed and considered. Post numbers doesn\'t necessarily match participation. Some post heaps but say and contribute very little. It can encourage trolling and frivolous posting to get the number up, rather than a good contribution. I am also aware of a number of members who hardly ever post but participate in other activities and locally with the club regularly. Keep it coming it is interesting to see what members think about these things.
  5. Going to rally in weekend but racesuit might not arrive in time, I now find out. Can anyone lend me one as above please? I\'m up to plan c as the one I did borrow is a wee bit too small. Any ideas or help appreciated
  6. Especially if you go from Johnsonville through ... ;D I\'ll even come with you for another trip.
  7. Old, yes idiot parking, only pulled in for pit stop timing to take pic and gone again; New
  8. Could do with a Sunday drive and always wanted check in with the Tui girls.
  9. OK Just to settle it .... Taupo track hire for MM 2011 was $4,300-
  10. Sorry for your loss, Mac certainly brought his positive attitude in his posts earlier in the year.
  11. +1 which is a good reason for it to move around a bit. Every one of those track locations would make a good hosting area for a MM. Those at the extreme of the islands do make it a bit more expensive for people to get to, so maybe going to Hampton Downs one year and Teretonga the next might not be a great idea. The last three have been Manfield, Taupo & Ruapuna? I didn\'t go to the first of those but good turnout for both Taupo & Ruapuna.
  12. BGC = Bunch of Guys with Cars Has developed over the last year and has quite a following in Wellington. A number of CS & DOBC members also take part in BGC meetings. There are some nice cars presented and they really appreciate quality, regardless of make, year or anything. Switched on people run it ... they meet Wednesday nights which keeps most of the idiots away as they keep their gas money for Thursday meet/drags which we or BGC don\'t condone. Mostly run by younger brigade with both great attitude and respect. Deserve support. Check them out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ABunchOfGuysWithCars?fref=ts
  13. The weather is good, well more often than in winter at least Can we get this moving again 8) Must be some members wanting to get out an about ;D
  14. Yep, I think we should have the WTB & FS in Paid Members only. If you want to buy and sell it should be a privilege for being a club member and yes we do hold some details. Of course they can get out dated but it is a good start. Also believe there should be benefits for paid members of which buy & sell is one. The club however cannot accept responsibility for trades & sales. Just adding to the views. What it does say is that there is a variety of different views and approaches that could be taken and whatever solution is found some it wont suit all. Just saying now.
  15. Was going to be out of town, but all changed today so ... Will make this one, it has been a while.
  16. Yep, available to Paid Members ... I have sent you a PM. ;D
  17. Noticed in the results for Targa Rotorua the fantastic result for Richard Taylor and his wife Kai ... 1st Overall in the 4WD All Comers Index of Performance Congrats, well done. ;D
  18. Trackmaster Allows you to set your own tracks into it using Google Earth. Haven't actually tested it yet other than playing with a couple of 'tracks' around home. Seems to work alright, but tbh still learning about how to use. Looks like once understood it will be OK to use. Set up to use at Ruapuna then left home with phone on roof of car and drove off dropping my phone. *facepalm* Got my phone back but after Ruapuna so still no test in real life. Not sure if the GPS in the phone is fast enough to keep up and quality of video. Trying to find a phone holder that doesn't jiggle around it a pain to. Using Samsung Galaxy S (the first gen).
  19. Happy trails Mike & Debs,certainly going to be quieter around here without ya 'all. Hope you get across before the weather bomb hits in the strait eh! Cya at MM 2012. ;D
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