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  1. Hey guys, Just looking for some recommendations for sizes and brands of injectors for my gf8 build. Really wanting them to fit stock location so I don't have to do a top feed conversion. Shooting for around 220kw atw and would love to hear from some of you with similar builds. Cheers
  2. Hey I’m after a ecu pinout for my 2008 v11 sti 2.5 manual can anyone help me
  3. Hey There, I'm currently in the middle of rebuilding my 2001 subaru wrx wagon i had recently bought a semi closed v8 sti block with forged internals. the block has been zero decked and it came with existing subaru legacy heads. after pulling the heads off i found that the valves had made contact with the pistons and had left some notches in the piston head. im afraid when i apply my wrx heads to the motor that the valves are going to collide with the pistons. what is a way i can get around this? i dont think there is enough clearance with just a factory gasket and im trying to avoid machining the heads entirely any ideas would be great
  4. Thinking of upgrading the sound system in my V7. I find that my current setup doesnt cope that well. I have a JVC KW930BT headunit. I don't want to spend much so im thinking about just doing front speakers+tweeters for now. I Went to abtec audio and they quoted me a pair of 'DD CS5' speakers with tweeters for $199. Id like to hear what everyone else does and what I should look for.
  5. It is a Subaru Legacy S401 STI. Sold - New Zealand New not Import Produced on the BE platform with input from the ‘STI’ performance division, the S401 was released in 2002 featuring a twin sequential turbo 2.0L EJ208 engine producing 289 horsepower and 253 ft.lb of torque, mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox (taken from the Impreza WRX STI). The highlight of this model though, was that it was the last Subaru model to feature the sequential twin turbocharging first introduced in 1993 in the 1st generation of the model. Unfortunately Subaru’s concept never was able to be fully refined (owing to noticeable turbo lag between the transitional periods of both turbochargers at 3,500-4,000 RPM), and the S401 was a ‘sayonara’ to the design as Subaru moved back to single-turbocharged units. Only 400 were produced, mainly sold within the Japanese market (although 2 made it into Australiasia / New Zealand). Basically, Subaru decided “Hey, this is the last of the twin turbo Legacies, lets get STI to throw the lot at it and make the ultimate Twin Turbo Legacy”. What did it get? Well, 6 Speed manual gearbox, front LSD, retuned ECU, hand-built engine, STI exhaust, Intercooler pipes, full STI suspension, big ass Brembo brakes, some lush BBS 18″wheels, exclusive front bumper, side skirts and intercooler scoop. It also gets a stunning half leather/Alcantara interior, red stitching, and an STI full dash cluster. There’s a few other bits here and there, but that’s the main parts. This Japanese website lists everything in detail, it’s an amazing site. It’s a really nice place to be, the seats are very comfortable and the interior is simple and easy to use. The 6 speed gearbox, mostly shared with various other STI and later model Legacies, is lovely to use, direct with short ratios. The STI suspension is nothing short of amazing. Cruising down the motorway it’s firm, and flat, but sucks up all the bumps like they are nothing. Hit some corners, and it’s flat and just grips and grips. The S401 was a limited edition, and they were apparently going to make 400 of them, hence the number is ***/400 on the badging. In reality, they never made that target, and there were only approx 290 cars made ever making this 401 a very rare NZ new car. mine is #233/400 i do have photos and am happy to answer any further questions. This car is extremely genuine and I would like to pass it on to a genuine buyer who would appreciate what it is. I’m open to offers
  6. USD 184.60Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a plug and play replacement for my Impreza sti v3 injectors (yellow side feed). Also, anyone knows for sure what's the flow rate? I've been reading different information everywhere and I couldn't get anything from the manufacturer. In fact, I'm not even sure what's the manufacturer for these ones! Some people say these are 440cc, others 480cc and a whole other bunch of people say 550cc (Part # 16611AA231). I wanted to replace them with new ones but these are quite expensive (USD 184 in jp-carparts and USD 134 in partsouq, each!) and hard to get. Does anyone know a direct replacement that can be used? or perhaps a rebuild kit? or any ideas on a replacement for these ones without breaking the bank!! LOL Cheers guys!
  7. Hey Team, New to the forum, I have been trying to find reliable info on if it's safe to run Gull Force 10 in my NZ new 2017 Sti. Is someone able to confirm for me if I am fine or if I should be making the journey to BP? Thanks.
  8. Just wondering what piping/hosing anyone uses to recirc a bov on a front mount setup (bov located near throttle body). Been looking around a lot but am struggling to find something bendy enough that doesn't just fold and is strong enough to handle pressure. Cheers heaps. P. S diameter is around 30mm if I remember correctly and is a GFB respons on a v5 ej207
  9. Recently I have gotten a grinding/squelching/scratching noise coming from front left of car when turning right or if I yank it left. Its gotten worse and worse over last 2 or 3 days. When im driving while slightly turned left its fine. Happens at all speeds and increases in frequency as I speed up. Its not a clicking so doubt its CV/Axle. I could be wrong on that tho. I have wiggled wheel vertically and no movement from wheel bearing or strut however there is a little movement when wiggling it horizontally and the movement is coming from the rack, just a little play I guess. Cant see any stones lodged anywhere near the rotors/pads. Would like to know what everyone here thinks it could be. Ill prob take it to mechanic tomorrow if I cant figure it out. This video im turning left and right (noise is when I turn right). May struggle to hear without headphones. At slow seeds.
  10. I'm looking for the owner of a 1999 Gf8 Sti. The number plate is cju129. I know this might seem weird but a while back, around the start of this year I saw the car posted up on Trade Me. At that point in time I didn't have the funds to be able to purchase it, but now I have the right amount and was wondering if anyone could help me in tracking down the owner, in the hope that they might be willing to sell it. I know this seems like a long shot but I've been on the hunt for a nice Gf8 for a while now and this one is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a screenshot of it from nzbuysell.com where it was posted up months ago, but in all honesty have no clue how to add it to this post. (I'm new to the forum) From the information I've gathered it was sold from Manukau Park and Sell sometime this earlier this year and has around 120,000 kms on the clock. The paintjob is dark metallic grey. Cheers for any help in advance.
  11. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  12. Hi all just wondering if some one can help me out I've brought a 2008 sti and just wondering how to tell of it's a spec r or not it has the spec r Seats and rims just wondering if theres any other way to tell. Cheers
  13. I have a 08 sti. I'm not looking to tune or anything just want to know what's a good diagnostic tool and where to buy. Just want to be able to read and clear fault codes and that sort of thing
  14. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this.. Im looking to put Ver7 Sti wagon rear seats into my BH5 legacy wagon. Any and all info regarding this would be very appreciated. I have already started the swap and am soon realizing the trouble ive gotten myself into .. Ive done a full 6 speed driveline swap into the legacy already and have the front ver 7 seats installed and really want to fit the ver 7 wagon seats in to match!
  15. Just a follow up to my previous post about the build I've got going. I ended up purchasing a cheap fmic kit and the fitment was so terrible I just took it back. I've decided it's not worth spending my money on cheap parts that I'm not going to be happy with. So basically I'm getting some custom IC piping fabricated and am looking for a good quality IC to bolt up front. What intercoolers/brands are you guys running and what do you recommend for sizing and all that. Any other constructive comments are welcome. TIA Ben
  16. Recently started a V5 GF8 project at the start of the year and I am looking for some advice for the direction in which my build should go. So far I have a set of 17x8 Rota Grids with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's, BC gold coilovers (yet to be installed), and a 3inch turbo-back exhaust. I am looking to make around 220-240kw at the wheels and any advice as to how I can achieve this would be great. I assume front mount intercooler, de-capped injectors, larger wastegate?, standalone ecu and a tune would do it, but I'd really appreciate hearing from someone with some experience on the specifics like brands, models of recommended parts. Cheers, Ben p.s. Engine is a stock v5 STI ej207 with a vf28? turbo.
  17. hi guys and girls I've got a 95 wrx sti which i want to turn into track hack while keeping it road worthy ( maybe only just) I would like to remove alot of the interior ( ideally most of the stuff behind the front seat backs.) to make room for a half cage and a to lighten the car. ( assuming the cage will need cert thats down the line) I'm unsure how far I can go with this and still retain a WOF'able' standard for example if there are no rear seats can the door panels come off as well as all the carpets? Roll cage: has anyone had one made in the south island that acquired cert ok? Bolt in or weld? Coilover spring rate: Has anyone gone to hard or too soft? wondering if there is a magic number here for front and rear ( bearing in mind a sway bar upgrade will be in order.) Bars and brackets: so many options to stiffen a chassis but which ones really work well for handling? (not so much silly engine torque tho) bearing in mind weight is an issue... any other advise is greatly appreciated !
  18. Hi team, Well, I finally picked myself up a super tidy V3 STi after driving a people mover for the best part of four years. It has an exhaust and intake but other than that she's fairly stock, and straight. I'm after recommendations from you guys and girls regarding (the next) performance upgrades I should be looking into and recommendations on who should do the work. One name I have seen around here a little bit is Possum Bourne Motorsport. I would be keen to hear of your experiences, good and bad, at tuning shops around Auckland and your best 'bang for buck' performance upgrades that you would recommend for my stock-ish WRX STi. Thanks in advance. Brett
  19. Hi Guys, In the process of trying to find a good quality STI Style front lip (not glass) for my 07 legacy wagon i was forced to buy 5 due to Minimum order Qty. Got 3 left and will sell to SUBCLUB members for $260 outside of trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1616984727 0211310363 Cheers Guys
  20. Taking the highly tuned XRT 2008 JDM STI w/ a 2010+ STI 2.5 engine out before moving to the Syvecs Powertrain Solution. I do hope you enjoy it.
  21. Hey guys, I'm a new member to site also fairly new to the Subaru scene. I have 1996 wrx wagon with an Ej20g engine fairly stock except for a upgraded turbo to a tdo5 from tdo4 and a front mount intercooler. The engine now has major rod knock so I have purchased a complete minus turbo/intercooler v2 sti engine. I just have a few concerns and any help would be much appreciated. So from what I've been told and found I should be able to use my intake afm etc swap it over to the sti and that should be fine? Will it be fine to use the current ecu in the wrx to run the sti engine with the parts swapped over? I understand that it would have been tuned for the tdo4 and the original motor but will it cause any issues with the engine? Reason be the wrx has a 3 plug ecu and I think the v2 sti is 4 plug. Not looking to make any huge power will only be running at standard boost just wanting to get it alive once again Any help or advice, tricks, tips even for the swap itself is much appreciated!! Tia
  22. Hi team, Started car from cold this morning and got to the first set of traffic lights. Noticed car was idling at 1500rpm which is a little unusual for my car (it usually hits warm idle very quickly). Drove about another 1km to my destination, stopped car for 10min (and turned off), started car and drove to next traffic light - rev meter fluctuating between 500 and 2000rpm and can't settle on a number. Engine check light came on. Drove 20km to destination (motorway) and 1km before destination the engine check light went off. When I reached my destination I let the car idle for 30secs. Revs at 500rpm the slowly climbed to 800rpm over 10 seconds. Vehicle is 1997 WRX STI. Is this my o2 sensor? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  23. Hey dudes, I have purchased a 1999 gc8 v5 STI with a blown ej207 motor. I was looking at a version 7 complete engine to replace the blown engine which comes with all the goods ECU, engine loom, turbo etc. I've been told that the v7 motor will bolt straight in but have also been told that the v7 ECU will have trouble working with the car without some auto electrical work. I'm not the most familiar with subies so I'm a bit lost with knowledge but I know the v7s came with AVCS and the v5/6 doesn't. What are your thoughts? Will everything be plug and play or am I better off rebuilding the blown motor?
  24. I have a set of four (4) brand new 1000cc FIC injectors for sale as build plans have changed and these are no longer needed. Direct Fit for the Factory Fuel Rail for the following Subaru: Subaru WRX, 2000-2014. Subaru Legacy GT, 2007-2012. Subaru STI, 2007-2015 (Models with EJ20T Motor). Price: $480 Shipping: $5.50 tracked, non rural. Located in East Auckland (Botany) for pick up. Best way to contact me is via mobile (021 169 3111).
  25. Hi all, I'm thinking about chucking an exhaust system on the DeForester and seem to remember GC/GF8 aftermarket exhausts pretty much bolt straight up. Is that true? I've seen Redline performance advertising GC/GF8 turbo back exhausts for a reasonable amount of cash as well as SG5 versions. What's the go from your experience? If anyone has any recommendations for aftermarket exhausts for my SF5 turbo I'm all ears.
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