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6 Speed DCCD into BP5


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suggestion, dont...... for reasons below

A: Everything is linked to each other in the later models. So if you try and change to a manual gearbox you will then have to get rid of the tcu and then the ecu that runs the engine wont work, and then that means that your aircon wont work and so on.

B: You will then need an aftermarket ecu to run the motor and rewire the car to make it work. And then there is tuning on top of that

C: DCCD 6 speeds dont grow on trees, it took me a year to find one and that cost a dam arm and a leg.

Im not trying to put you off this project im just saying that its a real nightmare with these new models. if you are wanting a wagon that has a dccd 6 speed get one of the older legacys or imprezas and do it to that.

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