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QT meet 26/10/14


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I may as well make this official! The DOBC QT crew were murmouring about having a CS/DOBC meet in QT when kami decided to post up about maybe having one labour weekend. This works out with us nicely, so we're going to meet up on Sunday the 26th Oct.

Rough plan, everyone starts turning up a DOBC HQ around midday Sunday

Once everyone is here, cruise out to Glenorchy and back, photo's at Glenorchy or Wilson bay.

When back from Glenorchy, BBQ at DOBC HQ.

There is lots of floor space and two blow up beds here, along with the guest room, so people from afar needing to crash are invited to.

DOBC HQ can be found on the corner of Caples Place, and Greenstone, up Fernhill, you can't miss the place, there's 10 subies that live here at the moment... We might park some of the fix'n'flics and decrepid down the road to clear up space.

If you need to contact me, my mobile is 021 182 4156.

SEE YOU THERE. Lets make the inaugural QT CS/DOBC meet a good one, and the first of many.

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Well that was fun, Kamineko came up from dunners, and we had the DOBC crew along. Awesome coal fire BBQ, and much alcohol consumed. Would be great if mroe could come next time, I entirely blame the short notice, and the fact queenstown has never had a meet before.

I will organise another one closer to christmass, give a month or two of warning so we can get a bunch more people coming to say hi!

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