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Minor Rust Repairs


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I touched up some rust spots on my Surf today. Thought I'd throw some pic's up in here showing how I did it.

This rust spot is behind the rear door, drivers side:


A close up:


I used a dremel and a small sanding wheel to remove the rust, taking it back to bare metal. Then cleaned the area with wax and grease remover/thinners:


Then masked up, taping up about 1-2mm around the outside of the spot:


Then gave it 2 light coats using an auto primer:


Masking tape/paper removed:


I then re-taped, again staying about 1-2mm outside the primed spot:


Then gave it 3 coats of top coat, using a colour matched spray can:



Once the paint was touch dry, I carefully removed the masking tape/paper showing the finished result. Once the paint's hardened properly I'll give it a good cut and polish so it wont be so noticeable:


This next method I use for stone chips on the Legacy that have gone through the paint. I had to remove the trucks snorkel yesterday to get a new windscreen fitted and found some fresh rust forming where I'd drilled the bolt holes through the guard. I had painted the drilled edges but it's been a couple of years now:


Again using the dremel to get rid of any rust and go back to bare metal:


I spray some colour matched paint into the rattle cans lid, then use a small modelling paint brush to do the touch ups:


All touched up:


Ready for the snorkel to go back on:


Here's a repair I did on the Legacy not long ago, after finding this hiding behind the left headlight:


Again using the dremel to remove any rust, then primed sanded and top coated with a colour matched rattle can:


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