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Full list of fault codes

Guest boostin

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Guest boostin

Found this on Scoobypedia...

Subaru Code Subaru Trouble Code Description

1 Engine Speed Signal Circuit

11 Crankshaft Position Sensor

12 Starter Signal

13 Camshaft Position Sensor

14 Fuel Injector No. 1 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

15 Fuel Injector No. 2 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

16 Fuel Injector No. 3 (Legacy, Impreza, Justy, SVX)

17 Fuel Injector No. 4 (Legacy, Impreza, SVX)

18 Fuel Injector No. 5 (SVX)

19 Fuel Injector No. 6 (SVX)

21 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

22 Knock Sensor

23 Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit

24 Idle Control System Malfunction

24 ISC Valve (Stick)

24 Open/Short in ISC Valve Circuit

26 Intake Air Temperature Sensor

27 ATF Temperature Sensor Circuit

28 Knock Sensor #2

29 Crankshaft Position Sensor 2

31 Throttle Position Sensor Circuit

32 A/F Sensor #1 System

32 A/F Sensor #2 System

32 Oxygen Sensor

33 Vehicle Speed Sensor

35 CPC System

36 Turbine Speed Signal

37 Rear O2 Sensor Circuit / A/F Sensor Circuit Malfunction

38 Torque Control Signal #1

38 Torque Control Signal #2

38 Torque Control Signal System

38 Torque Permission Signal

39 Traction Control System

41 Air/Fuel Adaptive Control

42 Idle Switch

43 Accelerator Pedal Switch

44 Turbocharging Pressure Control Signal

45 Pressure Sensor

46 Neutral or Parking Switch or Circuit

47 Fuel Injector

48 Lean Burn System

49 CO Resistor

51 Neutral Position Switch

52 Parking Brake Switch (Exc. Justy)

53 Antenna

53 Anti-Quick Operation Mode

53 Communication Error (Time Over)

53 EGI Control Module EEPROM

53 IMM Circuit Failure (Except Antenna Circuit)

53 IMM Control Module EEPROM

53 Key Communication Failure

53 Reference Code Incompatibility

53 Use of Unregistered Key

54 Air Intake System

55 EGR Valve Lift Sensor

56 EGR System

57 Canister Control System

58 Air Control System

61 Air Suction Control Solenoid Valve

62 Exhaust Manifold Valve Negative Pressure Control Solenoid

64 Relief Valve Control Solenoid Valve 1

64 Relief Valve Control Solenoid Valve 2

65 Differential Pressure Sensor

66 Twin Turbocharger System(H)

66 Twin Turbocharger System(S)

66 Twin Turbocharger System(T)

66 Two Stage Twin Turbocharger System

67 Exhaust Manifold Valve Positive Pressure Control Solenoid

68 Turbocharging Pressure Control Output Signal #2

71 Shift Solenoid Valve

72 Shift Solenoid #2 Circuit

73 Low Clutch Timing Solenoid Circuit

74 Brake Clutch Timing Solenoid Circuit Malfunction

75 Line Pressure Duty Solenoid Circuit

76 Brake Clutch Pressure Duty Solenoid Circuit Malfunction

77 Lock-Up Duty Solenoid Circuit

78 Tiptronic Solenoid System

79 Transfer Clutch Duty Solenoid Circuit

81 Torque Up Control Valve

85 Charger System Circuit Malfunction

86 CAN (Communication System)

87 Variable Induction Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction

88 Fuel Pump Circuit Malfunction

89 VVT Systems (L)

89 VVT Systems ®

91 TCS Relief Valve

92 Electrical Generation Control Signal Circuit Malfunction

93 Vehicle Speed Sensor #1 Circuit

94 Lateral G Sensor Signal Circuit Malfunction

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Guest keltik

Theres 2 black plugs up under the steering column. Only one wire going to each plug and one pin in each plug. May be white on your model. Connect them and switch on ignition. Not the green ones, either white or black.

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