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NEW Area Section Outside NZ!!!


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yep we're NZ's largest Subaru enthusiasts group but we're also well aware we have fans & members logged in from around the world

share your events here or see whos active in your part of the Planet!!

Such as Subinats from the Victorian STI Club in Austrailia

[h=5]ClubSub org nz shared SubiNats's photo.[/h]Published by Jared Mulinder · 1 hr ·

Here's how they do Subaru National's across the ditch!

if you're in the West Island (as we call it aka Austrailia) check outwww.subinats.com.au for more info Coming up fast in July

we keep an eye an all thing Subaru not just in our little country but the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern one too! Sorry no Mars meets just yet, tho it is entirely populated by robots.... ~ Joker


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