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V7 Turbo Swap. Help!


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Hi guys,


I'm in the process of putting a new turbo in my car and have a tune scheduled for Monday but I've run into an issue with the inlet pipe not lining up with the turbo inlet. 


It looks to be about an inch off, but the up pipe etc all appear to be in the correct position. The turbo is a Lateral Performance MD321 (GT3071 with custom housings) which i purchased off someone on the forums, it's meant to be a stock location replacement turbo. The previous owner had it in a GC8 and i'm installing it in a v7 STI.


Have I fcked up somewhere?


Pictures - (hopefully they work)







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Hmm you have a big issue. @boon went through this iirc. The tgv section is mildly in the way. Looks like you'e going to be that C*** who left everything till the last minute and cancels their tune the day theyre booked for...


Lube the S*** of of the turbo inlet and hose then force it over. Clamp it as tight as you can. Get it tuned then fix it asap post tune. Then go back and get tune checked. 

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