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What is the oil level in a boxer engine?


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I'm used to traditional inline 4 cylinder engines, where a crank is way down at the bottom splashing through oil and pistons up top away from the stuff!

Thinking about my boxer 4, I thought why isn't the oil sloshing up behind the pistons, as that 5L I pour in at service time must be sitting somewhere! 


In the image below (99%) sure this is a Subaru EJ something something style motor, where would the oil level sit with the engine not running, and when it is pumped around the engine, where is it going? Because 'up' to the heads/cams is actually more like sideways to get there? And gravity isn't helping it drain back that quickly being horizontal?



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3 hours ago, tigerstyle said:


Thanks mate, welcome to the forums there too. Keep that attitude up and enjoy the place...


Is that where the oil fills the head and can't drain back quick enough? 


yah what?


It answers your question regarding oil flow.

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