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Meet & Chill Welli + Pickup Offer

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Headed to Wellington Easter weekend. ( Friday - Sunday ) Im keen to Meet up somewhere, Chill, Banter. Maybe go for a cruise. I don't know the area so open for suggestions. Anyone and everyone is welcome <3 

Driving to Wellington from Auckland and making a stop in Napier both ways. If you want parts delivered or anything I don't mind going a lil out of my way or making a stop or two. Just, FYI. I probably couldn't take large items EG; Rims. but smaller items would be no hassle. just ask I'll probably just say Yeah!

Any Questions, Fire away.
I appreciate you all.

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1 hour ago, Scoobydoo said:

Easter you say.. well I currently have no plans for that weekend so I'll likely be around. If you jump onto the ClubSUB Facebook group then it can be easier to organise impromptu meetups

Yeah Keen as, Will do. Shot bro <3

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