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SG forester questions

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Hi all, few quick questions:

  1. Where is the factory radio antenna located and what type is it?
  2. Do most gen2 impreza parts bolt up for drive train and suspension? E.g. can I purchase and fit v7 sti shocks?
  3. Would gen1 impreza rear 2 pots bolt up or will I need adaptors? I think diff is r160 so adaptors?


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Hi @RaKid,


  1. Do you have the face-lift SG? I have an SG and the factory antennae are in the rear glass between the C and D pillars. They each have their own attenuators located right below them in the trim.
  2. Usually, yes. They have the same wheelbase and if you download the original brochure of the SG from Japan, they market it as a GG/GD Impreza that has just been lifted. Those who lift their GG/GD Imprezas usually just buy the SG Forester's suspension components like shocks, trailing arms, half-shafts, etc. to keep the alignment as spot-on as possible. I can imagine doing the reverse for an SG if you are thinking of lowering it.
  3. I have seen tourers using the GC/GF brakes on their SGs without modifications/adapters. Cheers.



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