Hi, New guy, car check?

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Hey all, first post here.


Short snippet here, Im 32, backpacker, in NZ for a year, don't drive, currently learning, looking at a Forester to be first car for 4 months or so while driving around this country, spotted one but recommended to get a Subaru master to check it out, make sure all is fine and won't need to much work.  I have seen previous posts mentioning a 'Rick Wheeler' who is in Lower Hutt, which would be perfect as the car I am looking at is there.  Also saw people mentioning Ray Hartleys in Welly CBD, but if I could get somewhere in Lower Hutt, would be preferred, recommendations welcome.  I think that's it.


If posted in wrong area, sorry, forum users first timers can get posts accidentally in wrong location.




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Hi Ryan,

 I have my previous (2000) and current (2008) Foresters serviced by Pit Stop in Lower Hutt. They are a good bunch of guys and probably could give the car a good look over; give them a call (04 69 7674) and ask. There is also an AA place on Hutt Road (Lower Hutt) and they do vehicle inspections (04 939 9361); not sure if you have to be an AA member.



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Thanks John, I have heard AA can do a mobile inspection, so I will probably do that, but I think I would feel more confident in doing a more thorough check somewhere else, even if I buy the car first.  What is recommended to do with a (new) car, that is 22 years old when you buy it?  

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