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Electronic boost controller or G4+ and tune?


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3 hours ago, Joker said:

Snowballs .gif!


Brakes : 6 Speed : body kit : interior and Paint



I'm really keen on figuring out how to facelift the 96 impreza interior, I really like the later models. I know it's pretty involved since you need to weld mounts for the dash and the speedo is electric, but would be well worth it 

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Cheers all for the advice. I will do all advised, but preferably stay with a single scroll turbo. 


I'm going to the wreckers this week, gonna look out for a better intercooler (and good pipe) V6 or 7 is the biggest that will fit, right? 


Will get a decent bov, make sure my engine is 100 when I do the timing belt+wp, so that 260 crank hp is agreeable with my engine. I may have to speak to an expert about head planing, my cars overheated before but hasn't blown a gasket (still waiting on that combustion leak test kit from ebay)


Reliable power is mint! 

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