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Very soft brake pedal after changing brake lines and bleeding

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So today I changed my brake lines in my V7 to Stainless lines as well as replacing fluid with Motul 600. I have bled the brakes using the two person method the same way as I have many times before. When I started car and push the brakes they extremely light, almost no resistance. If I pump the brakes a few times they stiffen up a tad. There is no fluid leak as the fluid level has remained the same after pushing brake pedal 10 or so times. I gravity bled it once (took ages) then used two person method second after it failed.

Am I missing anything? I didnt let the brake system go dry and fluid was always in the reservoir.


Only think I can think of is that the calipers lost fluid when I took the line off and maybe doing the normal bleed technique doesn't quite fill up the calipers enough? Is there another process if replacing the lines?

I have done brake line change in an MX5 and had no issues.

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