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SVX Manual conversion?

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As far as I know no 1 has done it before here in NZ.

Would need to be certed since they never came with a manual for factory.

The whole loom needs to be moved since the loom comes through right where the clutch master cylinder would have to go. Ive got a pic somewhere showing what I mean.

Need a few custom parts made up too.

If wanting to get RWD best to use a RWD gearbox. Will need to replace the rear wheel bearings since they are a weak link in a SVX

Also if the SVX was to be driven at higer Revs it could run into cooling probs.

There are guys working on a soulution but it is still to be checked and more mods made and tested.

Basicly is it was left auto it shouldnt run into any over heating problems.

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