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08 STI - 09 Forester XT conversion!


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Found this randomly. Dude says some useful things in relation to the SG foresters as well. I thought this was way cooler than the XTi Forester from SEMA

We should hide this away for future reference for when we can afford the 09 Forester ;D (and yes, they have grown on me since I saw the NZ new 08 at Top Gear live last year)

Here's the XTI (made by Subaru US I believe) for comparison

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 pappu said:

love the sound of the exhaust!!

that is NOT a equal length manifold is it???

I dunno, I'd guess its whatever the 08 STI has in the PIA one, the dude only mentions changing the exhaust from the turbo back. Sounds damn good though!

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