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    Picked up some far less angry Group N engine mounts to try. The Kein ones are progressively getting better but still kind of annoying. The GN ones will be a good test set since The Kein and sloppy worn factory ones really are on the opposite ends of the scale. Currently I've been comparing the Kein harshness to rubbish factory ones without any idea how harsh the midground ones are so opinions may change.
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    Yeah that would have sucked. The guy was very apologetic, said he liked the car and felt terrible. It was outside my work and he works next door so I doubt he would have done a runner.
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    Hi, I would probably say sorry first if someone had already made a thread similar like to this if so please do lead me and i will delete this post😬. i have a grb auto sti and would love to see some of the exhaust that you rockin in your v11’s manual or auto. Its hard to choose especially when you dont have an idea yet on what it would sound like in the car. I kinda want to support our local company here which is nzkw but the r400 invidia is definetly something to think about. Hope someone out there can share some inputs or any other brand is welcome to be shared too i am just looking what would be best for bucks and my car. Single or quad exhaust, anything.😃 thank you.
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    My favourite.Could I stance my car so the new tyre labels don’t wear.
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    Finally now that I’m home with all the garage gear and driveway space I can clean parts of the car that have been neglected. Today was the wheels lights and exhaust. Wheels had curbing thanks to my wife[emoji849] so thought I’d try and sand the outer lip and see how that looks came up sweet and will keep me happy till the tyres need to be replaced Exhaust was an easy clean with some metal polish and bit of arm muscle Headlights were super nasty yellow from Being outside at Wellington airport for almost 8 months. Used rainx kit that including a sealant to hopefully make it last longer. Will see if it really works Tomorrow’s job is wash and wax and and clean the inside. Once I paid the duty for the whiteline gear that will be installed as well.
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    Hey there fellow Subie owners, Anyone heading out for drag wars tonight?
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    Three engines might be more a reflection of how you're driving rather than the oil that's going into it Haha.
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    Someone reversed into my wagon while I was sitting in it 😑. Looks like it messed up the number plate, bent the bonnet latch support and put a medium scratch on the bumper. The condenser and radiator are both still sealed thankfully. I’ll pull the bumper off an take a closer look this weekend. Only minor damage but still pretty lame for a Friday arvo...
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    I hate to say it but I'm thinking head gasket is on the way out a legacy gt I had did the same symptoms
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    Spent ages detailing the skyline, in and out gettin it clean as for whoever the new owner ends up being (still for sale btw). No pics cos its not a subie