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  1. If you swap the front top hats as you have mentioned it will work fine. Rears are the same
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    Yea some additional clearance would be awesome. Throwing some larger meatier tires onto the Outback platform as is would suffice I think. Also when it comes to the beach its important to keep in mind that traditional alloy wheels are not ideal as they get sand stuck in the inside causing major imbalance and shuddering once you get up to speed. You have to clean them out al the time so getting some steelies that have a dish on them rather than concave makes things easier <-- hope that makes sense like this This one looks slightly lifted though 🤔
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    I like this idea, will keep an eye on this thread as its something I've been thinking of doing in the next couple years once I escape Auckland. You could also go for a Lancaster or Outback.. no work to be done just buy it and go surf.
  4. Did you get some oversized shoes for the rear brembo conversio, If so where from?
  5. Its the EVAP Purge Control Solenoid. I think the part number is 16102AA391 Long story short, it shouldn't cause any boost related issues unless the Vacuum line is disconnected causing a Vacuum leak
  6. For thread reference: If you have this issue, this is the sucker you want UR-RL2-2588 https://www.pro-wholesale.co.nz/ultra-racing-strut-brace-sway-bar-chassis-bracing-products/subaru/bp-legacy/
  7. Id say thats the issue, especially if the turbo looks like its fine. Count your lucky socks it got wedged in the scroll and didnt make it to the turbine. I would toss it back on and see how it goes.
  8. Hey Team, Just realized my MY04 Outback is suffering from the rear swaybar mount weakness issue. Right-hand mount is cracked, all standard gear no aftermarket sway-bar, but i guess being low adds stress. Does anyone know where to source the reinforcement brackets similar or the same as the Avo ones pictured below?
  9. Haha, i feel like we can all relate with this. Glad its close now. Regrettably I've not been to a meet in ages, whats the turnup like these days? seems to be mostly a facebook group thing now?
  10. Ahh yes of course, my mistake. I think you have a really good point there. Front mount turbos with custom manifolds seem to benefit more in the TS world
  11. This is a very interesting read. I've always felt the TS on Subaru's have been underwhelming. For what its worth, my cheap knockoff GT3076r with an A/R 0.82 housing on it seems to stand up pretty damn good. Very comparable to your 0.63 housing. When I was tossing up on either the .63 vs .82 hot side the overwhelming evidence of the EJ platform loving the ability to breath made me go for the larger housing. In the states they seem to toss the larger .82 ar on everything.
  12. Any generation 4 cyl will work with a Rev-D because it is tunable. Rev-B will work great as the compression ratio is slightly lower than Rev-D 8.5:1 rather than 9:1. Makes it easier to tune on our trash fuel imo.. and your engine has already proven it likes to make power so pairing it with a Rev-D ECU and a tune would be ideal
  13. Ahh man well done on salvaging what you can. Whatever happened to that Rev-A? BE5 you had? I think now is a good time to pickup a Rev-D rolling body with ECU. Plop in your powertrain and single T it. I'm tempted to offer you my "Currently" rolling body BE5-D
  14. Source @ 6:55 https://motorsport.tv/motorsporttv/video/sydney-qualifying/22749
  15. Depends on the tyre. This site is awesome for figuring all that out https://www.willtheyfit.com/
  16. Its good to see the lowered Outback community is still living. I've still got mine, since the new tyres its been pretty comfortable. Rim: 18x8.75 20p. Tyre: 225/50/18
  17. just inspect the plug on the sensor real good. sometimes you cant tell if the wire has broken off the pin cause its all waterproofed under the rubber grommets etc
  18. @Pappu1 Mine would go super lean and then creep rich over the period of about a minute after turning the ignition on. Turned out to be a bad earth.. the ground wire had come out of the plug.
  19. No idea, i've never had to replace mine from the original that came with my AEM wideband.. but its the same part number as the one I got when I thought mine was dead. Bosch 0258017025
  20. What do you consider well priced? I've got a brand new Bosch 0258017025 LSU 4.9 sitting here if you need one in a pinch. $135 Otherwise something like this might be the treat https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Replaces-0258017025-Compatible-Wideband/dp/B07L2S3JRG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Bosch+0258017025&qid=1551315909&s=gateway&sr=8-4