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  1. Ive had a pre facelift 2.5 outback and now have a facelift 3.0. Go for the later models in 3.0 is my opinion, I find its a little bit thirstier when just doing a lot of short runs, but evens out wih a few longer runs. Also if going auto the 3.0 has the 5 speed. Both are great wagons, but prefer the 3.0.
  2. One of my friends brought a 3.0 legacy to tow a horse float and horse, it was just under the limit for weight but wishes she got something with a bit more power. Personally if it's going anywhere near hills don't get it.
  3. This is my opinion..... you brought the car, like it but really think you shouldn't of brought it and now looking for an excuse to get rid of it. 5k difference between what you were told and what was written down is nothing to complain about. If you were told it had been done and never had, then you would have an issue I would worry about. I can tell you that the belt can do wayyyyyyy more than a few thousand ks past their replaement date. It sounds like you are still not 100% what car you want, wagon,sedan or coupe.
  4. Not specically for this build, but always good to watch The grandfather of turbo charging Gale Banks
  5. Did it have the Si drive? And could you retain it? That sounds like some good magic going on there
  6. That would make it a lot more fun!!! Would love a manual in the BPE Outback 😁
  7. Closest I could find without getting some made was this
  8. What no personal delivery for me, colour me disappointed!!! 😂😂
  9. Just received this package in the mail Thanks Club Sub! Also a sneak peek at what else arrived today See more in my Outback garage thread.. link to thread to come
  10. Thanks, that's the next best thing thing! Will have a look.
  11. Mine close when you hit the button, but don't extend until you start the car, which annoying
  12. I have exactly the same set up in my Outback. I brought it with all the LEDs already installed. So much brighter and crisper light
  13. Wait till you see my helmet.......
  14. You're the 3rd person to say that today. Pity it's towards the bike and not me 😂
  15. Used the wagon to pick up this bad boy Unfortunately the play/race car fund has taken a financial hit.
  16. Give @D1Style a pm about those sort of parts. Got a good deal through him for my inner CV boot. Way less than dealer price. Also I have a spare inner one at home I could post as I don't need it. It's 95mm off the top of my head.
  17. Do you still have standard rims? No clearance issues? Also both brakes and tyres are much better then on the old one.
  18. Don't have the money for it.......now. But at this point I will enjoy the smoothness of the six, and decide between a cheap turbo project or supercharger at a much later date. Odds on getting cheap project car before supercharger 😁
  19. The new stead Will post interior photos later 2007 3.0 Outback Push button start, some sort of nav/entertainment system I need to figure out or replace later. Loving the smoothness of the engine, si drive as well. Also has reversing camera. Will start a thread on it, but for the he next year she is going to stay stock. Make way for the 'Silver Surfer/shadow'
  20. Sweet that's awesome. Was going to sort ordering out some stickers for the new ride!
  21. How I haven't given it any real Maintenance for the last two years and still goes. I have to admit it hasn't had an oil change since I had it, only topped up with oil when low!!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔😃😮 Yes with this car I am one of those people. (The wifes car on the other hand is a different story)
  22. I had it on the rs ra and was good for warming up, as it had a little piston slap at cold that disappeared within a few minutes, so would start the car and by the time I'd locked up the house it was nice and quiet and the oil pressure was good. Due to its age I liked to make sure she wasnt heading out the hate stone cold. As for leaving in gear and the remote starter I'm not sure as I was always paranoid about leaving it in gear, and always had it drilled into me to leave it out of gear unless on a hill. You could wire up a micro switch to disable it when in gear. I also loved to hear it rumble to life just before leaving the office.