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  1. My bad haha. And yes they are close enough to work. My 6 speed conversion used a 5 speed one in my bg5
  2. Here was tonights mission. Its a bit of a surprise actually. its a 2.1l engine running factory EJ25D conrods and crank. Custom pistons and GTB heads (bg5). Got sard injectors and water injection. V7 top mount intercooler on 95 petrol. Also got vf36 and all the twin scroll setup but with a factory BG5 legacy exhaust muffler with valve inbuilt controlled now by the G4. Intake temps were 10-14 degrees max. got a great power band. only stopping at 6100 and 18PSI as not sure on rod strength. I like it as its super quite until G4 opens exhaust then it has a deep growl. For interest sake the 2 runs on graph are exhaust open and close.
  3. Yes. The only reason the early ones don't fit is cause the nose supporting the front pinion rubs on the stepped flywheel. If you grind it down they work mint
  4. The my01 wrx on has same start as the sti. The slave can be either 5 or 6 speed. Just have to use 6 speed fork
  5. Having been in it on gravel and tarmac yes you feel it fall over on tarmac. Definitely don't on gravel. And having antilag with a dog box means no lag between gears
  6. This is a little special. It's a fully built SAS engine. Running in a rally car with a 34mm restricter. That's why turbo runs out. E85 and all the jazz. With a vf30 standard v7 exhaust and intake manifolds, fmic. It has forged bottom end, ported heads and cams. Alot more fun than it looks. G4+ Fury ecu
  7. Start with this one. It's a completely standard ez30 with pink injectors, flex fuel and pod filter on throttle body. In a bc5 shell. Has headers from raptor and a exhaust. Graphs are 95 and e60 fuel. Awesome beginner motorsport car you can thrash. Just came 8th overall in Greymouth Street sprints. This is a v8 sti with only mods being g4+, turbo back exhaust, pod filter and flex fuel. 2 graphs are 98 and e85 fuel. People spend decent coin to get 250+kW where a standard engine/turbo gets you there fine. Look at the torque difference.
  8. I'm going to put up some of my subaru setups we have built/ worked on and the results we have got along with the issues/characteristics of setups to try and let people know what works and doesn't along with power results in the end. Note: all corrections factors are always 1.00 as my belief is anything else is just a ego booster. Some of these cars are flex fuel and you will get to see the advantage of ethanol over petrol. Will upload more when I have a spare min
  9. All r180 rears run a 190mm hand brake drum . The bg/bh gtb single pot rear run the same diameter rotor with a 170mm drum as does the v7-9wrx with 2 pot rears.
  10. The centre diff in the 6mt legacy fail early. Bank on a new one. Got to test them after a drive in tight circles
  11. I tuned a S-gt auto a few days ago. Dead factory apart from downpipe. Same issue you are having. Got it to 162wkw but it was extremely detonation prone especially up at 5500 and above.. Was on 95 fuel though. Hard work getting it to make power and not det. You can change the valve overlap to reduce the dynamic compression which helped a little but was a pain either way.
  12. Wanna sell the front shafts?
  13. Un plug tickle wire on alternator to see if it wiring or alternator
  14. Just ground them to block oneat a time one that lights up the oil light is that. And other will send gauge high