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  1. I have a lot to do with this. Massive misconceptions about more width means more grip. It's all wrong. If you double width of tyre you half the pounds per square inch of pressure. So equal grip. Only 2 things change that. A 1/2 width tyre will wear out twice a fast. So manufacturers usually use a softer compound on wider tyres to get more grip. Obviously if you are spinning a wheel a wider tyre will overheat slower and offer more grip longer. We run 225 wide semi slick tyres for drag racing on 350wkw. Traction only breaks off the line but we keep snapping front axles. Road duty traction is ok from 3rd gear up unless car upset. Remember bigger diameter tyres will usually have better corner grip but smaller diameter usually has more acceleration and braking grip as tyre can deform to the road imperfections.
  2. I've done closed loop quite a bit. But as boon said shouldn't make huge difference if open loop tuned correctly. My % in closed loop is always within 2% which is pretty good. Some tuners just guess the low load and use closed loop to get ok fuel economy and have massive corrections
  3. Car :2005 3.0r spec b Tuned Tuned. Vipec ecu, axle back exhausts Fuel : BP98 Fuel economy : Town: 500 and fuel light is on. Open road, 750km Fuelly stats if known : 11.7l/100km average. 7.9l/100 best yet on a trip to Queenstown. Car : 2001 Impreza 1.5l Tuned: stock as a rock Fuel : 95 Fuel economy : Town: 650 Fuelly stats if known : 6.6l per 100km. Wife's car. Car : 1996 Impreza ej20e Tuned: stock Fuel : 95 Fuel economy : average 8.9l per 100 Fuelly stats if known : Car : 1993 rally car Tuned Tuned. Vf30 Fuel : gull e85 Fuel economy : cruising is 15l per 100km.flat out is 100l per 100km. Fuelly stats if known : why bother haha
  4. Try Dave at Braketech on 0276141945
  5. Yes I'll try print it out next time I'm at work. Tcf is 1.00 as always though. Will never have any different
  6. Model: 2002 v7 Impreza sti, GDB Displacement: 2L Mods: s300 Turbo, ID1000 @58psi base, ported heads, cams, fmic, 3" exhaust, Deatchwerkz DW300, link g4+, twin scroll Fuel: avgas/E18 Tuner/dyno: me/SAS
  7. Am I allowed to put my motor that is in another car? It's our rally car engine that since we have crashed have lent the engine to a mate to go to the drags with while we build our new car.
  8. What is the duty cycle? Tuner have a scanner that you can plug in and check data? That is getting very lean up top
  9. Remember that's max wastegate duty not what it will run unless poorly setup
  10. Put the old tow wagon on the dyno to set it up. Then tuned 2 cars afterwards.
  11. I do agree with evo wrx. It could be done but risky. We only run race engines in for 20-50km now and then fully tune them. This is on endurance, rally engines etc. With today's fine tolerances and machining along with the materials used that's all they need. If not run in by 20km they won't ever be run in.
  12. I could do my best to walk you through it/ look at logs etc. Is wideband inputted into ecu
  13. Have you got a wideband?
  14. Sorry posted that under SAS not my own profile