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  1. This is my exhaust on my supercharged 3.0r. Will change mufflers soon. Sounds amazing but a little too loud.
  2. The 3 wire sensors are hall effect and need 12v,gnd and signal
  3. Not that I can see. Don't know flow rates though
  4. Theta re are 3 port change over valve similar to mac 3 port
  5. It has a lot of head work and very well designed exhaust and intake all designed around flow.
  6. Very much so. Only has a Honda civic radiator to fit turbo in front
  7. 4th and blew up gearbox up at just over 420kw and swapped it out and went back to dyno
  8. So we have put new turbo on and didn't quite crack 500wkw as ran out of fuel pumps. Have designed a new setup of headers and mounting turbo in front of cam covers with this coming on to full boost at 3800rpm ish. Absolutely mental when it hits boost as torque skyrockers. Gotasuby - 479.76wkwModel: 2002 V7 STI GDBDisplacement: 2.35lMods: S366 Turbo, ID1700@55psi base. ported heads, cams, fmic, 3.5" exhaust, DW300 FP, G4+, front mounted turbo. Fuel: E75Tuner: Me/SAS 
  9. So eg33 is actually really easy to get parts as it's just a ej22 with 2 more cyl so all ej22 parts work incl pistons, rods valve train etc. Cams are only issue but they can be reground easy enough. They are a stronger block factory and have thicker cylinder wall thickness but it's a far bigger engine physically.
  10. Have towed for many years a race car on tandem trailer with spares and fuel. Yes there is better cars but we have done kilmogs, arthers pass plus all the way to whangarei. The old outback does ok just keep eye on Temps and keep servicing up. It is extremely thirsty when towing though
  11. Yes first one out on and then modified. Yes subtech ones. We cut out rubbing section and fitted a cutout of a 3" bit of tube to clear knuckle being fitted inverted.
  12. We have had 2 downpipes do exactly same issue and now modify them before fitting
  13. It will be a 240mm standard 6 speed single mass clutch. I wouldn't go too heavy duty as you don't need it with the power that they put out factory.
  14. I had 4 airbags replaced in 1 week a couple. Of months ago. Surprisingly they did good job on 3 but stuffed up the nicest car. It had most aftermarket gear in it and struggled to plug back in stereo and tablet etc properly. I even left my phone number with a note beside it saying any questions at all call me. There excuse was their apprentice didn't have much experience haha