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  1. We had the same issue with the divider breaking off once. It did last a while though.
  2. Attached photo. Just stopped air going around the radiator. Hood scoop now cools power steering and gearbox.
  3. We running fmic as well and no sprayers. We are running e85 while does burn cooler. We found on avgas we were seeing about 105degrees Temps
  4. Scales radiator and well setup ducting. Water temp sits on 93 ish on 10+km rally stafes
  5. I have the door lock motors in stock if you don't want to wait for ebay
  6. Better handling and response I find. But yes reade off is I find over harsh pit holes it bangs quite badly. Being a weekend car for me it's a nice trade off
  7. I have the kca334 in my car and the first one lasted about 50000km before perishing. The next one is still good 30000 on
  8. Pull apart and clean. They pretty simple inside
  9. They don't take much to make them sticky. Have to be super careful with them. I've had 2 different times they have stuck
  10. When you launch the engine tries to twist backwards. That's what it's for. If you were rwd you wouldn't need it
  11. 2.5l crank 98mm ej22 stroker pistons
  12. Kelford b cams, and cnc porting plus all extras by Kelford. Oversize valves and springs etc.
  13. Gotasuby - 393.4wkwModel: 2002 V7 STI GDBDisplacement: 2.35lMods: S300 Turbo, ID1700@50psi base. ported heads, cams, fmic, 3" exhaust, DW300 FP, G4+, Twin scroll legacy headers. Fuel: E85Tuner: Me/SAS Update to this car. We built a new engine for this year rally sprints. Wanted to max out turbo and header setup. Think the small legacy headers are at there limit. All at 25psi 98 tune shown as well Upgrade to efr turbo and better headers should see 450wkw
  14. Use bnt fuel injection hose. Can't remember brand but it's far better than repco stuff.