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  1. 1 of my nz new bp Legacys are doing it. Other 2 are not
  2. Got tune file?
  3. And don't lift up rear of bonnet as its a high pressure zone actually feeding air into the engine bay. Could turn scoop around?
  4. 100 degrees is not that hot. Move limit to 110. If pressure cap is doing its job you will be good to 125 ish. Rally car will run a constant 120 no problem. Air ducting and a radiator water spray will help alot
  5. Has a new genuine o ring been installed?
  6. Replace the top O ring. They are super common and I bet it will fix your issue
  7. It takes average wheel speed from the 4 wheels via abs module and sends signal via a single wire to ecu.
  8. That table is only showing you the amount of fuel added when antilag active. The cut and retard will make it pop and bang. Be careful with antilag holding valves open. The fueling shouldn't change if the new pump can keep up with fuel requirements. I would run low speed for cruise and medium duty at light load
  9. Nz new got 2 reverse lights. So much better
  10. I've got brembos on my 4th gen legacy and standard size brakes on my 4th gen outback. If you upgrade fluid and pads in the standard setup it give massive improvements. The 316 setup is also a great upgrade with good pads as far thicker discs. Wheel options are far easier to
  11. The S-gt and auto bp are very knock prone. Need a lot of timing pulled on the factory maps
  12. Unfortunately not yet as the car runs exclusively e85
  13. .

    Yes they do. I would just run the r160 though. If you breaking diffs in 4wd you usually also breaking front half shafts. Remember front and rear diffs must match and you will need shorter prop shaft along with clutch fork and shifter
  14. .

    If it's already manual then it will bolt in with no ecu changes. Will even plug in.
  15. This. Just put a efr6758 on the rally car. We wanted a turbo that was more responsive than the vf30, spooled earlier and had more top end. Ended up spooling 250rpm earlier, making 245wkw restricted and 327wkw unrestricted on 20psi and e85. Amazing turbo.