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  1. Remove the boot carpet the day before to speed up process
  2. Will find out cost as in production at the moment
  3. You can get the plates for 700 dollars each side. And have to prove to subaru that up own a s401 or s402. Hard work I know. Just get adaptors. We making some at the moment perfect for what you want.
  4. If possible next time unplug injector on the cyl that are not running to stop bore wash. Otherwise yes you can damage the cyl surface
  5. Good road tune is far superior to an e tune as anyone who is any good at road tunes will have seperate knock listening gear and a seperate wideband which will give more info to tuner and can rectify issues quicker should they arise.
  6. Buy a new v7 sti shorty. Best value for money
  7. Oh no. SST transmission. They are terrible. Copy of dsg that cut lots of corners. Same trans as Ford focus
  8. A vf25 is primary auto bh model, a vf26 is primary bh manual model. And vf27 is secondary turbo. And a vf32 is more than capable being exchanged with vf27 but a vf25 or 26 will not bolt on secondary side
  9. A vf32 will work fine as a secondary? Why they say it won't work? What problems does your car have.
  10. Vf33 is only rev d primary. It's bigger inlet and outlet. Vf32 is secondary. You need a 31 and 32. Well you could use any secondary apart from a vf14 would bolt on. Secondary turbos don't usually fail only primary ones
  11. After a drive with using the brakes very much are any of the brakes hot?
  12. I'm not 100 percent sure as I live in the south island where there is only bp 98. I have been told by multiple people that Mobil is ethanol blended
  13. Help me please Hi iv fitted a dump valve to my vectra c 19 cdti 150 bhp. The 1 I bought was a twinport or receculation valve I don't no just bought and had a go of fitting it my self.  On looking at the car I thought I needed to block the 2nd port so have done bought a t and fitted it on the main intake Of The top Of The intercooler to the inlet on to Of The head.  Ran the bleed pipe and td it in to the on top Of The intake now it's just realeasing through the revs rather than when I lift of it's not because I blocked the other port is it thanks

  14. Mobil 98 has ethanol in it which should help lower combustion Temps. It will run a tiny bit leaner but nothing to worry about if tune is good. Mobil 98 should cause no issues
  15. Factory maps are meant to be around 18psi and drop to 13.5 so yours is round the mark.