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  1. My only regret is not having my camera facing slightly more to the right So glad that it was only minor. Hence me running over and waiting for you in pit lane. Looked way worse from that angle.
  2. Sorry for the lateness... finally got round to throwing the video clips I took together and uploaded it:
  3. Just a place for people to share what tools they have/use/recommend etc. Pics or links are great. What tools are your recommended "must haves" for working on Subarus? Thanks @Individualities for the thread suggestion.
  4. I cross referenced mine against the Denso part number (who often make OEM parts for Subaru), and then just ordered the Denso one from overseas (UK iirc). Ended up being about $200.
  5. Went from this: To this:
  6. Still waiting
  7. Yeah, I'm looking to get a shoplight and buffer at some point too.
  8. Bought myself a few cordless power tools. Should make working on the car a heck of a lot easier in future.
  9. All down to what gets submitted Agreed though. Cars and the surrounding landscapes are much better than a macro shot of a gearshift or badge.
  10. We had one out at Clarks Beach once. Although it took ages for someone to go all the way out and get it Can always give it a shot and maybe have a back up picture that's closer to the city in case no one gets it in a few weeks?
  11. Is it just me or are they really low on tread?
  12. Almost looks like something Subaru NZ would have used as an advert back when the BP was new. Credit to @Firenza for the original image of course
  13. That's a box mate, not a boxer Get them out of the packaging and into your engine!
  14. Gull did there "crazy" 12c price drop which caused a bit of a price battle in Auckland. Managed to go to Mobil Smales Rd and grab 55L of 98 for $115 after Smiles fuel discount. $2.129/L at the pump and $2.069/L after Smiles discount.
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