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  1. Ray Chubb. He's built plenty of roll cages and does them to a very high standard. https://www.rollcage.co.nz/
  2. Haha bugger. We've all made silly mistakes like that before.
  3. There will be a bunch of regulars like myself there. A lot don't post on the forum that they are attending each month. Would be good to get a decent crowd again. Will try remember to throw the camera in the car tonight.
  4. Hey all, spent a few hours putting together the video so far. I've gone with one summary video of the whole days, so there's an intro with music (yes its a car video and you want to hear exhausts...) but then there's a dyno clip for each car (except @McMatty, somehow I missed your car... Sorry mate ) and then an outro featuring @preim and @Niran. Does anyone object to their rego being visible? It does take a bit of time to block out but I'm willing to do it for those that want some privacy. Oh and @Niran, can I use one of the clips of you "testing" the tune in the carpark? Aiming to have the video up by Friday
  5. Yeah it shouldn't be an issue.
  6. So here are the very few photos I took. I'll take some time to shorten the dyno run videos etc and post those at some point soon. Estimates vs Results: Photo Album on FB:
  7. Was an awesome day out. I've got a lot of video to go through now
  8. I have a tow rope too 😁
  9. Washed it myself for the first time since at least November... Forgot how big the thing is
  10. I ended up just going out straight after work and buying a second of most of the stuff I wanted from a local branch. Will try grab some of the last things tomorrow morning. Camera looks a bit better now
  11. Trust my luck... CourierPost have lost my parcel with the camera accessories...
  12. Maybe I'll bring a bottle of quick detailer Which reminds me... I need to wash my car
  13. New tripod, basic handheld camera rig, external microphone, and a smartphone mount for tripods etc (for those quality FB livestreams yo ) To all attendees, would be good to have some nice clean cars all parked up nicely for some "hardpark" shots. And everyone knows that a clean car looks good rolling on the dyno. I'll try grab a couple of photos and/or video of each car on the dyno. If you have any specific requests then feel free to ask me when we're there. Bear in mind that I'm no professional but I'll try my best haha.
  14. Okay... so I may have gone a bit overboard, but I've ordered some camera gear which should hopefully arrive in time for Saturday Need to charge up the camera and clear the SD card.