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  1. You don't have time to waste discussing things with the service centre that did the poor work, yet you spent 1.5hrs on cleaning up their shoddy workmanship... Should always complain directly to the service delivery or workshop manager first, then the top brass at the dealership, then take it to Subaru NZ. But hey, why would anyone follow the logical process. At the end of the day, I hope you get it sorted, although you seem to be fixing it yourself.
  2. Take photos before and after. You will need to do the recall soon, NZTA is going to start enforcing it. And no you can't. Recall work has to be done by a Subaru NZ approved repairer.
  3. I went to Winger Greenlane for my airbag and wiper motor recalls. They did a decent job of the recall work. No rattles or damage that I could spot. Maybe we should make a list of positive and negative feedback for each Subaru service centre for the recall work?
  4. Yeah, that's unacceptable. Have you tried complaining to their workshop manager or you just going straight to Subaru NZ?
  5. You able to share in more detail as to what they did without naming and shaming?
  6. Drove it to the Bay of Islands and back over the weekend. Averaged 9L/100km on a mix of Caltex 95 and Gull Force 10.
  7. Tough call between cruise control or the keyless entry and push-button start. Think I'd have to go with the keyless system. So nice to get in the car by just grabbing the door handle, the seat adjusting to my programmed position and then getting in and starting the engine without having to fiddle around to find the right car key. The added benefit of just touching the throttle to disengage the parking brake is nice too
  8. Some pedestrian decided to run in front of me today... If only they had used the pedestrian crossing 5m away They were okay. Didn't notice the damage until I got to work:
  9. Complete headlight swaps are allowed, but you can't fit LED or HID to a lens that was designed for halogen etc. And no, not even cert-able. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/lighting/headlamps#note8
  10. Do you already have HIDs? or you retro-fitting them? NZTA changed the laws around HID or LED retrofits btw. WoF fail now
  11. Took my car in to Winger to get the two outstanding recalls sorted. They had a quick look at the A/C actuators but didn't notice anything. At least the recalls are done.
  12. Damn you have one stunning car!
  13. Booked car in to have the two recalls rectified. Also asked for them to take a look at the A/C mode and mix actuators whilst the dash is out.
  14. Tis the season