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  1. I've signed up
  2. Yeah I use OEM oil filters, Ryco for air and cabin.
  3. I'll post up on my garage thread when I know more.
  4. Anyone know this car or the owner? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1414030945
  5. Ideally get a reflash as NZ fuels are substantially different to Japan. ECU reset is never a bad thing tho.
  6. Recommend remap, new air filter, spark plugs, and yeah run 98. My '02 BEE usually gets 550km on the open road and 400-450 around town though.
  7. Before: After:
  8. I lowered my RS30 on STi pink springs using my standard shocks, seems to ride well.
  9. NICE! Pics required! - I recommend Imgur or Flickr
  10. If the bumper is the only thing stopping it from being repaired, I'll just ask for a stock bumper plus cash or something. Not letting the car getting written off over a piece of plastic.
  11. Going to drop it off to a panel beater tomorrow. I'll ask them if there is any way they can contact me with their opinion on write-off vs repair before they contact the insurance company.
  12. Rear ended by a 1970s Ford... Steel vs not steel... I know the driver and have all their details. We've both got full insurance. Now it's just a matter of will they repair or write-off. And if they repair... how are they going to replace that bumper... Glad I hadn't gotten around to putting the STi Boot Lip back on.
  13. Looks mint. See you tomorrow