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  1. Ah bugger. Will have to keep looking.
  2. Unless anyone has some nice 5th gen mufflers lying around...? *Looks at @sobanoodle*
  3. Anyone got a go to recommendation for exhaust work in Auckland. Just wanting options for some custom fabrication. Cheers
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/770414326357572/permalink/2375563205842668/?sale_post_id=2375563205842668 Maybe? --- Took my car in for its latest recall last week. Borrowed a 2019 XV from Winger... Man they are nice. Radar cruise on the motorway is awesome. Just remember to cancel it when you come to a roundabout 🤫😂 Hit up Winger about coming to the party for the HVAC debacle.... Will see what they say.
  5. Damn dude! Super glad you and others are okay. Hope insurance sorts you out. Let us know if we can help with anything. Oh geez, hope you are okay. Rear end impacts hurt. Let us know if you need anything.
  6. What the actual f are those?!?!?!
  7. IMO if you want to sell something on ClubSub but don't update it or reply then that's the member's responsibility. If you forget, then login and realise that it has been archived, it can be unarchived by a mod via the report post request. Will definitely create a pinned post for Buy/Sell/Trade topic rules.
  8. Found an example of an archived post: You can still see the topic and view the posts but you cannot comment on it. It's essentially "locked" and helps save on resources by being archived.
  9. Do we really need Google searches for the hundreds of old TradeMe listings? Don't plan to archive anything except for old, stale classifieds. Happy to do both. Can set an auto archive with a very small net, say classifieds topics with no posts in the last 12 months. Then we can also have a manual archive folder where moderators move topics once sold or gone stale.
  10. This is actually something we can implement. We can set threads to auto-archive after X months of no posts. Any thoughts?
  11. Feel free to throw up a garage thread for the Mazda. Not kicking you out just cause you sold the best Legacy ever made 😜
  12. Yes but it's not much effort to mirror the design and produce a smaller run at a higher cost.
  13. AUS, NZ and UK. Not a huge market but not one to ignore either.
  14. Yes but I won't be there unfortunately. Standard structure for Auckland meets is the 2nd Wednesday of every month rotating between Albany, Botany, & Westgate. @ADIKT is the area rep and usually makes the monthly meet posts on here but seems to be AFK lately.
  15. Well yes, but more and more forum users are using a mobile device to post and will use the emoji on their device keyboard and not a dropdown box in the text editor.