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  1. Was thinking something along the lines of these. Hides the center of the brake rotor, keeps the brakes looking proportional and fills the guards nicely:
  2. Problem with 5th gens is the guard size to brake size ratio. I have 19x8.5" currently and the brakes look tiny. Don't really see myself forking out $1500+ for Brembos. Think I'll look at 18x8 with 235/45 or 18x8.5 with 245/40
  3. You running 18x8.5? I'm looking at dropping down to 18" as they are much cheaper for tyres and offer more sidewall for rim protection etc
  4. Doing research into tyre sizes for wheel options. Anyone running a 245/40 profile on an 8" wide wheel? I like having sidewall to protect the lip of the wheel and to provide a fat tyre appearance. I know that the LVVTA say that 8" wide is the minimum for 245/40R18 - Source Basically 3 options at the moment: 8" wide with 245/40 8" wide with 235/45 - which is a less common tyre size 8.5" wide with 245/40 - 8.5" wide is harder to find in the style I'm looking at Also figured its a good place to discuss tyre vs rim widths, pros/cons, photos of stretch/fat tyres etc
  5. Car: 2011 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Sedan Suspension: Standard Shocks, H&R Lowering Springs Mags: Advanti somethings Wheel diameter: 19" Wheel width:8.5" Offset: +45 Tyre spec: 245/40/19 did you have to roll the guards?: front come folded flat from factory, rolled rear for peace of mind.
  6. If you'd like I can find out a price for a custom one for you?
  7. know them feels 1 like = 1 prayer
  8. Pics uploaded
  9. Got the Legacy back today. All WoF'd, aligned and serviced! Cheers @Subirex Automotive
  10. Fingers crossed!
  11. Haha I know they will be. They're just so busy at the moment. It's good to see.
  12. So that's why my car didn't get finished today @Subirex Automotive....