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  1. NZ Parcel service doesn't deliver to some physical addresses, things get redirected to PO Boxes and that causes delays and things go missing. It's just bad all round.
  2. A mates BL needs the same LCAs replaced.
  3. Dealings through Facebook are done at your own risk, it's not a site designed for trade and you have no protection. If you have doubts, ask the dealer to create a TradeMe listing or have someone you know and trust visit the seller and make the exchange on your behalf. When items need to be sent, make sure it's sent via a courier company (NZ Post's Parcel service doesn't count) and get a tracking number. Use common sense to protect yourselves out there. There are so many people on Facebook that are quite happy to rip people off to get some easy cash.
  4. What's with the sudden influx of advertisements? I thought this was turned off for paid members?
  5. And we have a winner! Rear O2 sensor
  6. Car decided to make sure that the Check Engine Light still functions...
  7. Reasonably good turnout for how cold it was, spent most of the time yapping away. Had a random Laurel, an MX5 and an RX7 turn up too. I don't know if anyone took photos, I forgot to take my camera and it was quite dark and hands were too cold anyway Keen to see you all at the next one
  8. Tomorrow folks! @ADIKT can you pin this thread in place of April's meet?
  9. @THUNDA This is the next one
  10. Sorry I couldn't make it guys, had dinner plans. First time in like 2 years that I've missed a monthly meet.
  11. Anyone interested in attending a Detailing Workshop? Would be run by OCD/United Car Care who are well known by a lot of members. Usually $75/pp for between 5-15 people and runs for 4 hours. Covers skills like: - Safe Wash Techniques & Exterior Cleansing - Clay Barring & Decontamination - Intro to Hand & Machine Polishing (Cutting, Polishing, Finishing) - Vehicle Protection (Waxes, Sealants, Coatings) - Exterior Finishing Touches Just getting an idea of interest at this stage before setting a date. Members currently interested:
  12. @Batbaruman haha now we're talking