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  1. Yeah it's definitely a kei car I plan to paint it with some paint matched spray cans from my BE Legacy.
  2. My new car finally arrived from Japan!
  3. Haha embarrassingly I didn't realise that it was the LED triggering the ABS fault for way too long. Spent ages cleaning ABS sensors and even got to the point of buying spares...
  4. Update your signature to include your build thread And update your build thread haha
  5. bahahaha Now hurry up and get that RA hybrid machine thing you own finished!
  6. Haha, am I now the ClubSub Auckland Meet unOfficial photographer
  7. @Subirex Automotive is the go to Subaru mechanic in Auckland. They're really knowledgeable and fair on price.
  8. Of course, silly me haha. Never pulled a motor, so didn't even think about that.
  9. Definitely reset the ECU for starters. Just disconnect battery overnight. Then I'd look at getting a tune done. There are a few options depending on where you are.
  10. Yeah I've got the service manual. Which has a 20 page guide on removing the dash... Thought that since the recall for the airbag replacement probably requires dash removal, they might be able to get it done at the same time. Will get a quote before going ahead with anything tho.
  11. So what started off as what I thought would be a quick fix... has turned a few hours with half the dash apart. Turns out one of the aircon actuator valves has started to go. Can't get heat to the passenger side of the car. Didn't manage to fix it as it requires a full dash removal and heater core being taken out. Will have to get it looked at when taking the car in for the airbag and wiper recall.
  12. Car has decided to only provide heated AC to the drivers side and just blows cabin air to the passenger side. Not sure if its a heater core issue or a faulty actuator in the AC unit.
  13. Yeah they are slightly different unfortunately. Over the weekend I the Legacy ticked over a small milestone: