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  1. I've gotta hunt through my photos and see what I've taken since the last calendar
  2. oooh das nice
  3. I recognise that strip
  4. That damn CEL is gone! New O2 sensor arrived today, fitted it tonight and took it for a drive. Bye bye CEL.
  5. Visited @Subirex Automotive, got the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit installed. Man, what a difference! Still getting used to the new feel.
  6. I like subtle kits. One of the main reasons I picked up my Legacy was due to the Zerosports kit. It's just different from every other Legacy out there without the average Joe noticing:
  7. Didn't manage to get the factory LCA bushes off, so the Anti-Lift kit will have to wait for now. Managed to get the STi pink springs onto my original front shocks with a lot of help from @Kiwi_Fozze. Car isn't diving as much when braking and cornering.
  8. I should be there as usual. Want to update the image link? (I'm rehosting everything I loaded onto Photobucket)
  9. Sit in the garage in camp chairs, order pizza
  10. CS BBQ?
  11. I'll save you the effort for your first mod http://www.ebay.com/bhp/bmw-m-sticker
  12. First time was the wrong sensor, I replaced the rear instead of front. Second time I replaced the front with what I thought was an equivalent Denso... turns out it wasn't. Researching online I've read a number of things, most people recommended avoiding the cheap alternatives as they just aren't as reliable.
  13. Are these the HID model? If so, be very careful handling things. Access to the bulbs usually just a twist on the white/grey caps.