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  1. @Joker that video quality is so bad Looks like they've just stuck a fisheye lens on a 480p camera. For comparison, this is from my dashcam which I've had for a few years now: I'm looking at getting a new dashcam that's a bit more discreet than my current one. Current one doesn't fit very well in the new Legacy due to rearview mirror, rain/light sensor and sun visors.
  2. Unknowingly drove past this on the weekend. Wouldn't have found a park there anyway. Was packed as.
  3. Yeah I don't really use it in traffic besides the Hill Assist as I don't want to over-use it and it adds another split second to those critical rush hour crawls...
  4. Replaced faulty fog bulbs with yellow ones Hehe, yep I did know that. I actually read the owners manual when I bought the car
  5. Depends how much of an incline I'm on. If it's my garage I don't bother, but for a steep street/driveway I will do as you've said. Does your car beep when you lift the outside driver's door handle when the car is locked? Only some 4th Gen have the feature.
  6. I'm pretty sure I can shift from D, N or R to Park if the car is off.
  7. Worked out I can turn off the engine without turning off accessory power with keyless ignition. Apply parking brake, hit Start/Stop button, then move gear selector to park.
  8. I've had EZ Lip on both of my Legacys. No problems with it. Managed to tear the last one to shreds underneath but it still held on well.
  9. Sweet. I'll probably be at both, cause why not
  10. Lol bloody hell. Talk about drama. @ADIKT what have you done?
  11. Thought it was this week?
  12. Mine are matte grey because stealth
  13. Probably been posted in the past but its worth sharing again: https://youtu.be/S5NWcdq4Wf4 Unfortunately embedding is disabled for this video but it's a 2004 Subaru Forester XT crashing off the side of Angeles Crest Highway.