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Guest the_return_of_the_jedi

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Guest the_return_of_the_jedi


im thinkin more like BEFORE the bridge to kaiapoi on the chch side :P

no more clues :P

some old members who went on that cruise will know it

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[quote name='the_return_of_the_jedi said:

if you guys are really stuck, whos impreza is that :P


Well for one it isn't mine impreza.

And it's not near City firewood now is it?

if thats where you think it is go take a pic of your car there, then post a new pic for others to work out.

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 chchsti said:

Hey um WRXER... Not to be a dick, but uh, i think its my turn seeing as i drove out and took the pics lol!

good call :P

dammit, i don't want to drive anywhere to take a picture...

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