EJ20K Head gasket replacement

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Hi guys, I've got a 97 wrx sti with an EJ20K that has a blown head gasket.

I will be taking the engine off and I was wondering what else would be good to do while I'm at it, since I'm taking it off anyway...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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I would:

- Get the heads strength tested

- Heads skimmed

- Rocker cover gaskets

- Spark plugs

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the tips! And sorry for such a looong delay in posting!!

When I bought the car I knew that it was going to need some work done!

After a few days found a huge leak on the oil cooler hose underneath and started to remove the radiator, cooling hoses, etc. Put new hoses in, replaced everything and started it back. After 2 min of letting it run, it didn't even reach operating temp smoke was comming off on the left side of the engine... short story: found oil traces in the coolant :(

Then I thought, I'll take the engine off and do head gaskets and some other stuff while I'm there... water pump, tensioner, idlers, maybe even oil pump, re-seal the oil sump, most of the seals and gaskets that I could change there too.

So last week, I managed to take the engine out and I have it sitting on the engine stand. Only had time to take the exhaust and the timing belt covers so far...

Will upload some pics tomorrow!

Any recommended place in Auckland to take the heads for strength testing and skimming? Cheers!

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