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Do not trade with : AKL edition 2016

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[h=5]NZ Subaru Parts and Trades..[/h]5 mins ·

Hi Admin here.

Can't go into specific details..

But please avoid any dealings with KASHIF HAFI in Auckland.

DO NOT pay him any money or get him to fix your car.


Just looking out for you guys.

If you're having issues with him, pm me and I can get you in touch with others in the same situation.

Please be civil & dumb replies will be deleted, if you have a bad trade let others know FACTs must be used not hearsay nor "A guy i know"

google Slander & libel for a scary insight into the law of spreading things that are not true & the fines you might face if prosecuted for spreading LIES

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Honestly I had wondered if this was going to happen, don't Know the guy or any of the details but he reminded me of a certain someone from the get go....

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