Help with airbag light staying on please

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howdy folks,


I was removing our 2007 Legacy seat and after putting it back in, the airbag light on dash cluster stays on. 


I googled and found these options:

1. Go to dealer to clear code, is this something any mechanic can do - no Subaru dealer here.

2. Insert wires into plug under dash, count & record error code, insert other wire into plug to clear codes.


I'm not keen to do #2 jamming in wires without knowing exactly what I'm doing (youtube clip I found was of a USDM WRX), but also not sure #1 is an option.


Would the airbag warning light mean that airbag wouldn't work in an accident?


Appreciate any ideas!

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hey, reckon I did - think that was the yellow cable that had a green sliding switch on it.  Might give it another look tho - cheers!


Should I disconnect the battery when unplugging airbag wires?

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I would. If everything is plugged back together the light should go out.

Disconnect the battery, foot on the brakes, reconnect seat, make sure all components are reconnected, reconnect battery. 
turn the car on and your airbag light should be out

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