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  1. Yes there is a speed limiter and a throttle plate closure vs speed limiter, its a relatively simple process with the right equipment and know how.
  2. EcuTek is hands down the best platform for the DIT Subaru, I have attached some info and 2 dealers depending where you are located https://www.ecutek.com/downloads/marketing/factsheets/EcuTek Fact Sheet - Subaru DIT.pdf Regards Phil
  3. Hey @willisnz His ecu is not locked, he simply cant save his current tune, due to not having the correct definition for that particular tune He can reflash in any tune he likes Phil
  4. Yes they work fine, on the EJ25 We are NZ agents for Cobb parts and authorized Pro tuners for the AP if you need assistance Phil www.dynotech.nz www.facebook.com/dynotechnz
  5. Here is mine with a remap, good gains for a completely standard car
  6. Sure do www.dynotech.nz https://m.facebook.com/dynotechnz/
  7. Myself and dynotech are back in the naki
  8. Sounds feasible, I personally haven't tried this approach. Keep us informed with your findings
  9. You will need audible knock detection gear to set this up safely Also I would recommend using a dyno, this will allow you to safely load the car up and induce knock at low loads Start at wastegate pressure only. Once you have setup the knock threshold/settings correctly in PC link you will need to log ( and confirm via audible knock detection that knock is occurring) this will then give you a knock threshold number in the logging side of PC link You can then quickly build your 3D table The post by DavidV of the Link forums has alot o
  10. Are you wanting a change and enjoy working with high performance vehicles? Want to work with the very best gear available in NZ? STM are looking for an additional engine tuner and an additional automotive tech to join our team, located in Seaview, Lower Hutt All details can be found here http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1067029346 We look forward to hearing from suitably qualified applicants. Phil Harris Managing Director Speedtech Motorsport Limited 04 586 6384
  11. Niran Do you have the ability to pull the tune from your car, or have some one close by that can pull the tune? That's assuming it's been tuned with open source. Happy to take a quick look at it for you, as mentioned it maybe a mechanical issue and not tune related. Phil
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