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  1. BNT have rear KYB's for a GGA in stock Part # 334303 LH Rear 334302 RH Rear
  2. Partsouq have them in stock and you can have it shipped via DHL in 2-3 days for a total of $220 NZD
  3. Very nice @sobanoodle I love the Gran Coupes! I have been looking at these but was worried about room in the back for my 2 little ones especially once the car seats are in there. Have been checking out the F10 535i wagon as it seemed more practical.
  4. PM me your Rego, I'll see if it has been catalogued against your car and i'll get some pricing for you on the Links and Bushes
  5. I had ID1000 injectors on my old car,which worked really well. Have you thought about getting a custom exhaust set up made locally? Might be around the same price or possibly cheaper than freighting one over from overseas? Otherwise keep an eye out on Trademe and Subaru Speed. i found my 3inch Fujitsubo exhaust for $400 when i was looking. If you decide to go Genuine with your turbo, give me a yell as I can get hold of Garrett and Borg Warner for good prices.
  6. Do you know which type you need? Both below are catalogued under a V7 Wrx in my system at work. I have them in stock but there is a big price difference between the 2 with one being aftermarket and the other Denso Aftermarket Denso Feel free to PM me and i will give you some pricing.
  7. I could probably get you OEM Brembo rotors for decent price. Save some money and spend it on decent pads and fluid??
  8. On my turbo Civic i have at the moment and a couple of cars before this one, i have Zestino Gredge 07RS Semi Slicks and they work mint in both wet and dry, street and track and are really well priced too. It is a lower end semi but definitely does the trick.
  9. These stations sell Gull Force Pro - Gull Forrest Hill, Gull Hampton Downs, Gull Melville, Gull Pukekohe, Gull Onehunga
  10. S*** that's a rip off!! I could have saved you another $60 on the kits i have access to.
  11. Do you know how the new Garrett G Series compare to the EFR range? I've just ordered one of these in for a customer of one of my branches at work : G25-660 https://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/turbochargers/g-series-g25-660
  12. I had my old V7 done by DTech in Tauranga, highly recommend them.
  13. I ended up getting one of these - https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-SUB-001&Category_Code=SUB
  14. When i was looking at bolt in options for my old V7 RA i came across this company. Seems like there are a couple Twin Scroll options http://steamturbochargers.com/index.php/stock-location-turbos-903/wrx-sti-twin-scroll.html
  15. Yep...the 300kw one i think? Too much of this going on lately!!
  16. I have a couple sets of Tein S.Tech springs in stock at the moment. PM me if you are interested.
  17. You can just buy universal Daylights from the likes of Hella and get an auto electrician to hook them up properly for you.
  18. Hey man I have Whiteline kit# BSR39Z in stock if you were interested. 20mm 2 point adjustable rear sway bar
  19. Hey man I might be able to help with all the parts. PM me your Rego and i'll have a look for you
  20. Whiteline - Have in stock KCA334 which is the FCA lower rear bushing anti lift kit. Also have KCA334M which is the Motorsport version. Nolathane - I have part# 45547 which is the OEM replacement kit Feel free to PM me
  21. Might be able to help you. https://www.turbo.co.nz/ALLTECH/INDEX.PHP
  22. @patrickc22 got a price here for you if you're still keen. Not bad pricing. A couple hundy cheaper than the specials out in the NZ market. Kit comes with Clutch cover, Clutch disc, Release bearing and Spigot Don't hold stock so will need to order it in from Exedy if you want it.
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