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  1. Ouch, shouldn't be too much to repair that, should it? Still sucks that some people just don't take pride in their work.
  2. Tried to clean up my new seats, going to need a rug Dr I think...
  3. Yeah sadly only forged pistons. No option to upgrade to forged rods?
  4. PBMS have a special advertised at the moment for an assembled 207 short block with forged pistons for $2600....
  5. The RA's turbine wheel decided that it no longer wanted to have a long distance relationship with the housing, and decided on cold start this afternoon to finally give the housing the kiss it's been dreaming of. Now to find a replacement turbo, or get this one rebuilt...
  6. Fuel pump for the RA arrived yesterday, hopefully throw it in this weekend sometime and see if it fixes any issues. Still need to sort the grounds for the ECU too....
  7. Need to remove those stickers to clean it up a bit more still...
  8. Run a compression test, check spark etc. Could be anything from a spark plug thrown out, or much worse.
  9. That does look quite quick off the line! Had exactly that happen to one of my Legacy's, we didn't realise that there was a cap to hold that in, and it worked itself out, and snapped the housing a little...
  10. Doesn't work for my numberplate, but still awesome that it's dropping!
  11. Straight black, or white, can be a little boring, but also easy to touch up when required.
  12. Bumping an old thread because I reckon it'd be a great idea