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  1. Dont wanna bomb on your parade but ebay has all you need. have purchased all my bodykit parts from there from rear window spoilers to a 2 piece sti lip
  2. Ok so lights and temp and fuel needles working but no speedo (needle has not fallen back to usual position but has gone right over or tacho and nothing in the digital parts with trip meter or putside temp... Pulled off battery left for a bit no luck to reset it... No fuses are blown at a loss for this one Anyone else have this problem before V7 Sti
  3. but between 97.5 and Bp's exact 98 ron if it even is lol
  4. WTF are you for real you felt the difference in the fuel?? you must have sensitive ass cheeks bro Hmmmmmmm... not an argument I want to enter but my car has no downsides to running this or BP I do however notice the ****er drink it faster if I'm forced to run Gull 98 which we shouldn't due to the ethanol in it
  5. Adam do you still have your V7 tune?? I wouldn't ind having that **** loaded up on mine now
  6. I have seen a similar problem when Pappus car was throwing the avcs code so yup get that **** read to suss where you are
  7. charged the battery to drive it after 2 months of neglect
  8. When Boon speaks..... He speaks the truth
  9. never seen top of 6th but been to 230kmh odd and ran out of room
  10. top of 5th is 214kmh..... dont ask how I know I just do
  11. got my aircon regassed there once then he wanted to put a sticker on my car...Told him to get farked could see they had no visible paint areas (booth) so that was ya first indicator and secondly the workshop was just a mess made my car dirty with dust after 30mins of being in there
  12. wonder how long I have been around might be a few off the mark I lurked for a few years before signing up cause you guys were scary bastards
  13. Sakon you gone back for more power??
  14. or grimmspeed one or the other alzhemers makes me forget who makes em
  15. agreed with the right gear easy as, for a homer an hour cause i work slow while your at it grab a cobb up pipe gasket while your there and change it as well 9 times out of 10 this fails at some point also
  16. pfr7g to bkr7eix also a bosch equivalent that worked good can't remember the code though
  17. It says on the pump before using to check compatibility but the ethanol aint good for some parts in our fuel systems
  18. yup list of cars on the gull website that can and cant use E10 they recommend no Japanese imports use it