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mind blank...4pot Q?

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Im upgradeing to 4pots this weekend (as my brakes are creating disk rust! and I cant remeber off the top of my head whether i need to take CV nut off to take disc's off?

if i do have to take taht 32 mm nut off i have to put whole hub assmbly in. is there any difference between hubs wrx vs sti?


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done a few now...just had a mind blank...i have complete cv's/hubs/dics etc...just wanted to be sure in case i had to end up swapping hubs over...does anyone knwo if 96 sti spec wheel bearing will be betterer than a 93 wrx...any improvement or did this just change at V7 onwards (bigger bearing)

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Guest boostin

As Koom said but...

get a BFH... sometimes the rotor sticks onto the hub and needs lossening

[quote name='Swindog said:

you screw two bolts through the hub of the disc and itll pop off. I wouldnt use a BFH. Its loud when you have your head under there.

Always use the bolt method. The BFH one works, but you can't (well, shouldn't) use the discs again.

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 Swindog said:

must be ok then. Youll feel it better if you get some heat in them. Brake cylinder brace will increase the feel or pump them once or twice as you brake.

yep have only driven it round the block so def no heat in them... no brake cyl brace...yet :P

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