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DCCD guru's please help


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Hi all,

In desperate need of some assistance from any DCCD experts.

In brief;

I have a V4 STi

I have amassed all the parts to retro fit DCCD, such as cluster, thumb wheel, ECU etc.

Basically I have a complete, virtually unmolested loom, which has made everything easy except for 2 lots of unidentified wiring.

I don't know what model the loom is from unfortunately, but I'm 99% sure it's GC8.

So, thumbwheel, ECU, cluster, gearbox and relay are all plugged in.

There is 2 earth straps and they have been earthed to the car.

First problem; there is a Male/female plug that is currently joined together - they are located about 40cm down the loom from the green plug that slots into the cluster.

It is a large white plug with black ends where the wires go in.

It's like they intercept some other plugs? Could this have something to do with the brake pedal?

The other set of wires - there are 2 together, are about 80cm from the thumbwheel.

I'm thinking that these are for a power source and or possibly to do with the park brake switch.

Any help greatly appreciated - I have done a fair bit of searching/reading on this forum already on this topic, but most of the info seems to be related to V5/6

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ok i went though this with ADR the other night took me about 4 hours to figue out what go where.

basicly the v5/6 unit is the same s 3/4 apart from the wiring that goto the ddcd lights at the speedo.

i will ask my adrian to bring in his loom that i labeled for him what wire is for what and where they goto... its pretty basic really...

there is funkytown who has just did his wagon putting in a ver9 dccd box wired up to a ver 3 sti wagon.

if no one reply you by tonight then i'll see what i can do. i just got home and havent any sleep for almost 20 hours

i got a full loom also which im going to start labeling the plugs and will do a write up for everyone soon unless funkytown beats me to it?

there is a wire that goto the hand brakes that i can remember

most of the power source goto the relay ( pink plug )

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Thanks guys.

I'm in South Australia :o

I haven't 'swapped' looms as such - I picked up a complete DCCD loom and cluster and have fed it through the car to the applicable spots.

It's the 2 plugs that currently clip into one another that have me stumped the most.

What if we look at it from a different angle, what are all the relevant plugs of the DCCD loom connected to...

1) Thumbwheel

2) ECU

3) Relay

4) Gearbox

5) Cluster

These I have all sorted, so what else is part of the DCCD?

6) Park brake wire?

7) Power source?

8 ) ? ? ?

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