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Help with 1989 Brumby handbrake setup

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Does anyone know how the heck the handbrake system works on the Brumby? I know it operates the front wheels but anyone know how to adjust one? I lost my handbrake today and have pulled the calliper apart in an attempt to sort it out but to no avail, is there some "special" way to get the handbrake working properly? I have checked the cables and they are fine, not broken or streched and have adjusted the handbrake inside the cabin but I still get no brake. With the handbrake pulled on it is pulling at the calliper end but not stopping the disk from turning. Please does anyone have some ideas as I'm sick off bleeding the brakes over and over, cheers.

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Ive never had a problem with adjusting the hand brakes on my old 1400s/leones/brumbys/vortexs.

I just wound the capliers in fitted new brake pads. put foot on the brake. Then adjusted any slack in the hand brake.

Has any one forced the cailper in with out winding it in?

Hang on come to think of it, I came across one pair on my old blue vortex had a problem.

Had to throw away the capliers and put 2nd had replacement ones on.

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I also have not had issues with the hand brake set up on the RX,I would try this,remove caliper,screw the piston all the way back in,refit caliper,apply foot brake until brake locks up then try hand brake again...

Failing that u may need to fit new calipers,i have a set at work i will have a look at it tomorrow,if u still having issues let me know and i will work thru it...

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Definatly not a snapped cable as have checked that about 100 times. The brake seems to work as it should just fail's to lock up the wheel when handbrake is applied, even though it is pressing the calliper in, I thought there may have been a special way of adjusting the handbrake at the calliper end. I will pull it apart today and have another go at it and see if I dont fair any better than the previous 100 times before. Cheers for all the help too..

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Ok I just had a look at the calliper that I have here,couldnt see anything that would cause an issue.

I have a few more questions for you and a suggestion or 2,

Are the inner and outer pads wearing evenly,just thinking that the calliper is not sliding on the pins easily,

suggestions i have may not be much help but here goes,

try unadjusting the hand brake cable in the cabin,then apply foot brake a few times to reset the pad to rotor distance and then readjust the hand brake cable,just thinking that the handbrake may be holding the calliper on a wee bit therefore not having enough movement to pull on the brake,

I see that on mine i am getting about 1.5-2mm of movement on the piston while operating the lever...

come back to me if this does not help and i will rip the wheels of my brumby and take some pics :)

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