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brumby g/box


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hi this has proberbly been asked somewhere but i cant find it.

but can someone list or give me a idea of what is required to:


fit a wrx etc box to a brumby engine


fit a sti engine and box

please any help is fully appriecated


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same answer to both questions (as they are mounted the same)

to cut a long story short it can be done but its not cheap and requires some custom work.

it would be a lot easier if you had a wrecked shell of a legacy/wrx to start with tho.

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I would not fit a wrx box to the ea81 as it is already under powered,and running an awd box on it would pretty much make it un driveable.

To fit an ej20t and running gear in you will need,a donor car pretty much,need engine,gearbox,ecu,wiring loom,front cross member,rear diff,axles, drive shafts.

You will have to adapt the front cross member to fit the brumby chassis,if the engine is a quad cam then u will have to cut the brumby chassis to get clearance.

You will have to run the front and rear hubs and brakes,the fronts should be able to be fitted/ adapted easily enough, BUT the rear end will be difficult as the brumby runs a torsion bar rear end,so does not have the mount points to run the coils from a wrx,

So it is doable and has been done before,if you have plenty of time and money then it will be a good project..

Just to give u an idea, a mint fully restored brumby on trademe would go for about 5-6k, a LEGAL fully complient brumby/STi will cost in excess of 10k to build but will still only be worth 5-6 k

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 Trent said:

just going back to the gbox on standard engine.will it mate straight up to the block? and are the cvs axles all go together ie to the hubs?

no, no and no, maybe they axle will join at the gearbox end but no the hub end

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As Dubbed up said, a Later model gearbox of an EJ series engine will NOT bolt up, it will need an adapter plate I believe,U can get the CV's to work but not sure how,Have a look at Jesus/Keltics's Hatch build as he done it,also go over to OLDSCHOOL.co.nz and have a look at the brumby and Keltic's build...

Why are u trying to fit a EJ gearbox to it ??? AWD will be no help,if you want a 5 speed then look at getting a gearbox from a later EA82 car as these are all 5 speed and WILL bolt straight up,this is what will be going into my brumby as I have 3 spares :)

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