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How To: Replace Knock Sensor


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Had been having a hesitation/flat spot/miss sort of issue under partial throttle. Under advise of a member on here (Titian) I replaced it last weekend and the fault has gone ;D

I took a few pics while I was doing the job so other people could see whats involved.

Note that this was done a version 7 STi, although I imagine it\'s the same principal on any Subaru

What you will need:

New knock sensor (Subaru part #22060AA100) note this part number is applicable for a V7 STi, if you drive something else it will pay to double check with the dealership


Socket set (with a long extension)

Torque wrench


Some sort of degreaser/cleaner and a rag

Firstly, remove your intercooler (assuming you have a TMIC) ; Disconnect air by-pass hoses from intercooler, release hose clamps on turbo and throttle body, unbolt BOV, remove two bolts that secure the intercooler and wiggle it out. I didn\'t remove my strut brace when i took it out and I had a nightmare trying to get it out. When I re installed it I removed the strut brace and it was much easier, so I recommend you remove that too



Now you get your torch and start looking for the knock sensor, it\'s on top of the block, underneath the return hose for the factory BOV


Unplug the old sensor and use a long extension to remove the bolt that secures the sensor.

Remove the sensor


You\'ll notice the oxidization/corrosion on mine, I wonder if that was causing the problem? :-\

I then used some degreaser to thoroughly clean the surface that the sensor sits on as well as the bolt that secures the sensor to the block.

Fit the new sensor, the Subaru service manual states that it must be at 45 degrees and torqued to 24 Nm

I didn\'t use a protractor or anything I just roughly eyed up 45 degrees, plus I knew how the old one was orientated



Plug the sensor in then refit your intercooler.

Reset your ECU

Job done!

I\'m sure the pro\'s will have their 2 cents worth but that\'s how I did it ;)

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