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HELP!!!! steel arm to alloy arm swap!!??

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hey guys, just went to change my steel arms to alloy arms, and hello, the lower balljoint taper is WAAAAY different!!!!

what is the best way to rectify? considering it\'s my daily driver, and it\'s currently in bits, would i be better off getting new ball joints from repco? and how hard are these to swap? or is there an adapter that can be used??

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i got second hand ones with the alloy arms, and a v8 sti spec c sway bar (checking angles, the spec c one is maybe 1 or 2 mm thicker, but the ends have a different twist on them and are wider)

aftermarket links and possibly aftermarket bar is on the shopping list once i have a few more $$$. but for now, i\'ll have to run with what i\'ve got. really want solid links, will see if my flatmate can fabricate some ( f**king good fitter / turner trained engineer)

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