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Heres a random one for you! Ciggy lighter Port killing heater


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Just found out this a few days ago. I couldnt turn on my heater while I was heading outta town & it was cold. My poor feet were cold for most of the trip! Just before I got there I looked down & saw the cigarette lighter usb charger was still plugged in, dunno why maybe kids did it. I pulled it out thinking it doesnt need to be plugged in cos nothing is charging. A few seconds after unplugging it the heater turned on. I had left it turned on after trying it but it only came to life after the usb plug was taken out. I thought it was a fluke so I tried plugging in & out a few times. It was stopping the heater each time i plugged it in. I tried plugging in the 12v rattle gun which gets power from ciggy lighter I have in the car (luckily never needed to use it in emergency!)& it wouldnt run. So thats a random one for you guys. Anyone had this issue or know how to fix or do I need to stump up the cash for an Auto Sparky?

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Dunno bro. It was installed when I bought it. I replaced the Sony stereo that was in it with a better Sony I had which was just plug & play!

I never thought about this being an issue in what the problem was.

I never use the ciggy lighter for powering stuff so I have not noticed this before. The only reason it has popped up now is we had a family trip to Dunedin for a holiday & Rally Otago & I bought a usb charger for the phone because it chews thru battery power when in low reception areas. So not using the ciggy lighter & 4 years after buying the Rex I find an issue that could be the stereo install by a previous owner!

Thanks mate!

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 Rosssub said:
Does the stereo face or heater light bulbs go dim at the same time? Could be a loose or broken earth in the dash.

I havent noticed bro. I will go down the stereo wiring check first before digging in behind the dash.

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