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ECU question V7 vs V8


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Hi there. I have a 2003 V8 WRX (jdm) ej205 blob eye. It has AVCS and TGV. I purchased a ECU from a V7 WRX STi (jdm). (6A AH481, although searching shows this is supposed to be installed in a V8 STi? its def come out of a V7) I installed the ECU and the car had almost no power. I suspected it was because of the TGV so I removed the butterflies. I can now get boost etc but the car doesn't run very nice. Seems to idle ok but once you try to ddrive its jerky and just seems to run bad.

The car the ECU came from had AVCS too, but someone told me the wiring for the cam sensors is different, or maybe its something else that's different on the 2 cars ?

Anyone know enough to know why Im having this issue ? WHen I put the V8 ecu back in it runs well again, but no where near as fast as when the STi ecu is in.

Any help appreciated !!


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Sti injectors are 550cc, wrong size for wrx. Also avcs and tgvs will be causing issues. And maf sensor scaling. Put the v8 wrx one back in. Then get it retuned. V7 sti and v8 wrx also have different boost maps, fuelling... jeepers you have made yourself a hand grenade that WILL go bang very very shortly if you dont fix it.

Also, both ecus are reflashable, so you could have just reflashed the sti map onto the wrx... but again, its a bit of a stupid idea, for the above reasons.

For the love of god, get that wrx ecu back in......

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