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BP wheel bearing replacement


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Right, after some googling the OEM part number is 28473-ag001 (for my car 2003 BP5a) and is $359.00 full retail, Clubsub trade price through Subaru is $309 + GST

wud cost you $500 per side to get SUbaru to do it for you, watch a vid on YT and do it yourself using an AFter market part will cost $111.00

This place is Oz does after market ones for $111.00 delivered http://spare-parts.co.nz/0882-b13mr-rear-wheel-hub.html

and apparently there is a design fault with the bearings and thats why the crap out, you see alot of 2005, 2009 on the interwebz with the same issues.

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The aftermarket ones from Oz with the new stub axle/wheel studs, will save you needing a press. I used Koyo bearing hubs that required pressing the stub axle out to swap it over:


I also had the worst case scenario of axles seized into the hubs. Even with this hydraulic beast puller they wouldn't budge:


Ended up having to remove the trailing arms/axles complete and putting them in a 20t press:




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well i ordered the part 1st thing Monday morning and it arrived 1st thing wednesday morning, bloody not bad out of Auzzie

its a FEBEST part, i see mixed reviews on the quality. but these days who knows.

back in the day everyone used to say Japanese made goods was crap too... now look at them

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 Rosssub said:
Genuine through partsouq $298.12nzd delivered for the pair:


Probably one for the dumb question thread, but more useful here hopefully. Are the left and right hub units identical? It is hard to tell from images if there are any offsets top/ bottom or left/ right. Can't find a 'LR' part number. It's too wet and cold to go and get under the car right now =]

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