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Changing BE/BH Fuel Pump


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Swapped my BH5B fuel pump today, for a version 8 STI pump. The BE/BH pump flows 130L/hr, the version 8 STI pump flows 145L/hr. I will eventually install a Walbro or Deatchworks 255L/hr pump, but this will do for now and only cost me $15 off trademe.


I unplugged the fuel pump relay, then turned the engine over to relieve the fuel pressure:





Then disconnected the negative battery terminal and lifted the back seat. Then pulled the mat back to get at the fuel pump cover on the drivers side:



Remove the four phillips head screws and remove the fuel pump assembly cover:



Mine is pretty clean, but now is a good time to clean any dirt or crap from around the pump assembly to save anything falling into the open fuel tank.


Then unplug the loom connector and remove the 3 fuel hoses. Some fuel will drain out of the hoses, be carefull not to get it on your carpet. I let the hoses drain then used the garden hose to wash the spilt fuel away, then wiped up the excess water. Then remove all the 8mm bolts holding the pump assembly:



The pump assembly can now be lifted out. Take your time and be very carefull not to bend the fuel level sensors float arm. Here's a pic looking into the fuel tank with pump assembly removed :



Pump assembly out, showing the BE/BH fuel filter and fuel level sensor/sensor float:



I sat the assembly upside down then unplugged the fuel pumps electrical connector from the main pump assembly. Expect some fuel to drain out of the fuel filter:



There's a plastic cap holding the fuel pump in, with one small clip on each side. I used a small flathead screwdriver to pop the clips and then the pump can be pulled out:



Fuel pump removed from the main pump assembly:



Electrical connector removed from the pump:



Here's the upper seal that the top of the fuel pump outlet fits into:



Pumps plastic keeper cap and rubber seat removed:



BE/BH pump and sock on the left, version 8 STI pump and sock on the right:



Socks side by side. BH left - V8 STI right:



With the pump installed, the BH sock faces towards the rear of the tank. The V8 STI sock sits straight underneath the pump assembly:



BH keeper cap and electrical connector on the V8 pump:



I installed the version 8 STI pump into the BH assembly, then tried to install it. But the pump assembly wouldn't seat properly, sitting about 10mm too high because of the socks elbow. I then removed it again to reinstall the OEM BH sock. I used a flathead screwdriver to pry off the ring clip and remove the socks:



Here's the sock height difference, with the version 8 sock (left) hitting the base of the BH fuel tank:



Original BE/BH sock installed onto the version 8 STI fuel pump:



Pump assembly reinstalled. Again being very careful not to bend the level sensors float arm:



Bolts back in and tighented up, fuel hoses and loom plug back on:



Cover back in, mat down and seat back in place:



Then reconnect the battery, fuel pump relay and turn the ignition on to make sure the pump primes. I primed 3 times turning the ignition on and off, to get the fuel pressure back up before starting up.


Then tested my static fuel pressure again for curiosity sake and still have a perfect 43.5psi.


Here's a link to testing fuel pressure and testing for voltage drop through the fuel pump wiring:



BG5 Legacy fuel pump how to by Joker:



GC/GF8 fuel pump how to by spark_38:


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Brought a new Deatschwerks DW200 fuel pump for the BH5, that was listed as a direct replacement for Legacy's 90-07:




Removed the original V8 STI pump to swap them over:



The DW200 is 10mm too long to fit into the BE/BH fuel pump housing/cradle:



Even without the black rubber seat it's still 5mm away from clicking securely in place:



Here's the OEM Subaru BH/V8 STI on the left and the DW200 on the right:



Measuring up the OEM pump then comparing other aftermarket options, there are a few pumps that will fit.


The DW65C (without clips) 265lph pump is a perfect match to the BE/BH with a 65mm casing, 95mm main body and 113mm total length:





Here's some Deatschwerks specs, including the DW65C (with clips) which is for the later model BL/BP.



Then the AEM 50-1220 320lph pump listed for the GR/GH chassis will also fit the BE/BH perfectly. Same size/length as the DW65c (without clips) and the OEM BE/BH (phase 2) Subaru fuel pump:




So for now the version 8 STI pump has gone back in:


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 sobanoodle']DW65c fitted perfectly in BLE, easy plug'n'play.

Thanks Sobanoodle.

Same problem i had with walbro dude.

Yeah the Walbro GSS342/DW200/DW300 and common AEM 50-1200 320lph pumps are all about 124mm long, so won't be a good fit in the BE/BH or later.

[quote name='evowrx said:

Hey ross you posted somewhere you needed a dw65c to fit...you forgot? Heck you are human.

Nah haven't looked into it that much before, don't think it was me.

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BE/BH fuel filter part numbers in here:



After forwarding some photos and info about attempting to fit the DW200 into the BH, I've received the following from NZ Performance/Deatschwerks:


Hi Ross,

We have heard back from our contact at Deatschwerks and it turns out they have updated their listings to remove the 2000-04 Legacy from their list of applicable vehicles for the pump you purchase.

The reason behind this seems to be that there is some ambiguity with that year range as to what pumps fit. I personally have sold plenty of DW200’s into that model vehicle at a previous workshop and they have been fitted without an issue. This in turn means the fact that our listing mentioned it would fit up to 2007 is not totally incorrect.

The other point Deatchwerks have made is they would need to use a certain pump with a certain fitting kit and then reuse some of the factory components to get a solution that would work. Both of the items they suggested are not items we have in stock. So at this point in time we are unable to supply an item that will fit your vehicle.

If you have any further questions at all please let me know.


Doug Goodall

Technical Sales Advisor





I've now purchased an AEM 320L fuel pump (p/n 50-1220) through Drift Side Racing:




Same external size as the OEM BE/BH (phase 2) fuel pump:



I'll throw some more pic's up when it goes in.


Knowing I've already got voltage drop through the OEM fuel pump wiring, with the OEM pump which will draw 6.4A at 40psi and 8.2A at 80psi. Now upgrading to the aftermarket AEM 320L pump that draws 10.9A at 40psi and then 13.8A at 80psi. I've stopped in at a local auto sparky and put together a fuel pump rewire kit for under $25, (20A blade fuse, fuse holder, 12 gauge power/ground wires and an old 30-40A n/o 12V relay):



Planning to install the AEM fuel pump, check voltage drop again through the factory wiring. Then rewire the pump power and ground wires and test for voltage drop afterwards:


Fuel pressure testing, fuel pump wiring voltage drop testing and soon fuel pump rewiring how to thread found here:



Here's the AEM 320L 50-1215 (with clips) that will fit into the BL/BP Legacy:





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The new AEM pump went in today. Here's the pump assembly removed:



The version 8 STI pump removed from the BH cradle and stripped:



BH sock filter installed on the AEM pump using the AEM ring clip, using a 5mm socket to push the ring clip on:



BH upper seal installed, with the flat section facing the electrical plug:





Here's the AEM power cable, DW200 cable and the OEM BH cable. Notice the DW200 white plug doesn't match the OEM BH:



The plugs can be swapped over using something sharp to press the white locking tab inside the plug, then the pins pull out easily:



OEM BH loom plug and wire protector installed onto the new power cable:



BH black rubber seat and pump keeper cap on the AEM pump:



AEM 320L 50-1220 installed into the BH fuel pump cradle, a perfect fit and locked in place as OEM:



New AEM fuel pump installed:


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 McMasterJamie said:
Hi ross, do you know if the dw65c is a direct fit into the be/bh legacy? how come you chose the aem pump over the 65c? cheers

You'll see above, there are two different versions/models of the DW65C:

DW65C (without clips)----- Fits BE/BH Legacy (post #2)

DW65C (with clips)---------- Fits BL/BP Legacy (post #2)

AEM 50-1220 ---------------- Fits BE/BH Legacy (post #2)

AEM 50-1215 ---------------- Fits BL/BP Legacy (post #8)

I went with the AEM pump because (post #8), the DW200 supplier and manufacturer are now no longer specifying a Deatschwerks pump kit for the BE/BH Legacy. The AEM 50-1220 320L was the only other OEM matching 65mm body pump I found readily available in NZ at the time.

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Hey i see you mention you removed a V8 STI pump from your cradle to install the AEM pump. I might need to replace the pump in my RevD soon (current one very loud), was that a direct replacement? Looking for cheapish options, dont need huge extra overhead for a standard engine.


Edit: Derp, noticed the install at the top of the page. Maybe i should learn to read better.

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