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OSCC McCrosties Auto-x 15th Nov (grass)


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The second round of our 2015-16 Auto-X championship. We hope to see good strong fields at all of the four championship rounds we intend to run. Round one set the standard high with 45 entries.

Entry fee is just $30, with a youth rate of $15 for people 18 and under. Cash only

***At the conclusion of the event we will run through the results and do a small prizegiving, driver of the day and certificates etc***

We have used this venue for a few years now and it has always been talked about as one of the best so is definitely worth a look!

Doccumentation and scrutineering - 930-1030.

Car must be up to WOF standard, if it doesn't have a current WOF or registration you need a legal way of getting it to the venue.

100% cotton overalls and an appropriate helmet also required

A great way to get into motorsport, anyone can have a go, in almost any car.

Autocrosses are easy to share helmets at too, so doesn't stop a few of you sharing a helmet, since there's usually 30-60min waits between runs.


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