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Bee*R Rev Limiter

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Hey guys,

I bought a Bee*R Rev Limited over the weekend and it arrived today. Was an impulse purchase, but starting to wander whether its a good idea or not... I'm not planning on showing off or hitting the limiter everyday, so not too concerned about the turbo, ignition coil etc.

Anyone have one fitted?

(not a pic of my actual limiter but identical)


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iv heard nothing but bad things on a stock engine... also, my mate had one on his 20det... never worked well until we removed wasted spark and ran direct coils.

edit: what car is it going into... and whats the expected benefits

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hunter951 keep reading bad stories / articles about them hence my hesitation. Will be going into my V7 STI converted GC8. Only bought it as it was well priced and tuner reduced my rev limit which throws up a CEL (camshaft position sensor) when limiting so thought I'd throw this in for a bit of fun and to rectify the CEL - should really just get a retune etc but plan on getting rid of the car so not really worth the time or $. Has a brand new camshaft position sensor in it, but still CEL...

Stingr no issues while running it?

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Na I never had any issues with it. Was fun at the time. They are a slut to wire in though need to use diodes so current doesn't bounce back to unit. The gain is backwards too so 1 is the highest and 9 is it is the lowest. Can't have catalytic converter though.

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