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Pre-purchase inspections in AKL


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Having bought two cars in the last year and gotten a few inspections done, thought I would give my two cents on the people I have used. Have also used AA/VTNZ in the past who have definitely missed things, guessing quality varies site to site.


Onsite at Turners


I used these guys to do an inspection on a car I bought from Turners. Missed a rocker cover gasket leak despite me specifically asking about it and the Turners condition report saying the oil was low. Also missed a leaking power steering pump, screwed brake rotors and some bushings that were gone.  I can forgive the leaks, as I wouldn't be surprised if they had been cleaned up and weren't apparent until the car was driven, but I noticed the brakes were screwed the first time I drove it.


Would not trade again.


Carl @ incar automotive



Carl is mobile mechanic who I have used to do a few inspections since I have a desk job and a baby, so traversing Auckland to look at cars can be difficult. Plus it simplifies things with the current owner since they don't need to take the car anywhere (e.g. VTNZ/AA).  He is old school but does a thorough job and sends pics of everything. From memory, on my wife's car he picked up everything that AJ did when I took it to him to get the work done.


Based on his reports I didn't buy two cars I looked at before buying my current car.


Would trade again.


AJ @ @Subirex Automotive

Just take the car to him in the first place if you can, knows Subarus inside and out:)





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