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Highbrook Automotive

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Thoroughly good experience. 


I've a 2006 Legacy 3.0R which I booked in via their website for transmission service and brake system flush. Contact was responded to on the same day and job was booked. Arrived this morning at opening time. Was attended to promptly by the knowledgeable lady at the front desk - indicated I was happy to wait for work to be conducted (no choice really as I work a fair distance away).


This wasn't a problem, was offered power point for laptop and coffee. I was picked up by a friend and left the site for a while. The mechanic phoned me to inform me that my brake pads had been incorrectly fitted - he'd taken photos which he showed me when I returned. 


Satisfied with the work undertaken which matched the quoted price. Other vehicle deficiencies were also pointed out. Invoice was very detailed as to the work done and the method used to do it.


It was definitely worth the drive out there and I am happy in the knowledge that this garage knows what their doing and offers great customer at the same time. They've just secured a new customer.

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Hi mate. Very happy to hear that you were happy with your first experience with us at Highbrook Automotive. I will make sure the office adds a note to your file that shows you as a CS member.

Look forward to seeing you on your next visit =)

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Top drawer service again from H.A.


Car went in today to replace the oil cooler and valve cover gaskets that were indicated as leaking on previous visit. Figured may as well replace the spark plugs at the same time. Was informed that upon inspection it was found that they still had plenty of life in them and that there was no need to change them. 


Great to see that honest mechanics still exist.

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Highly recommend Highbrook Automotive. Knowledgeable, clear communication and they have a passion for performance Subaru. They're at the "engineering" level of understanding what they do, rather than the old "tried it before or heard it works" level so many shops operate at. 


Took in my old and tired Foz to them as soon as I took delivery of the vehicle for an engine rebuild. (It was almost at 250k) Revs quicker, sounds stronger and certainly feels torquey! I now get grumpy when a day goes by and there isn't a reason to drive some where. 


Thanks Alex / Spencer!


Ps: there is still a discount for CS membership at the time I post this. 

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