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Help please! Knock issues detected with btssm

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So I discovered the wonderful world of btssm and am loving it so far ... however when I had reset my ecu I had noticed a couple knock issues detected ... done just over 1000km since the reset on mostly highway conditions as well as some spirited driving over the maungamuka gorge (the log data linked shows the 8ish minute long and fun drive) ... after reading the log and checking my LV I am abit worried as most of the knocks come on at 4500rpm ... now it appears the LV has knocked my ecu down a few notches in the way of power... 


First off I am curious as to how this would happen on a bog stock 2006 JDM legacy gt spec b 6sp manual ...


From my understanding this year was the change over year for example my turbo is supposed to be a td04 (from what i have read) but is instead a vf45 ... also being stick max boost target is 14.5 however I'm getting spikes up to 17 in some cases but more commonly around 15.5 for longer than a second 


Any help or suggestions are much appreciated 



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sooo ... i did an oil change using good ol golf 10w-40 and stp oil additive which is essentially a zinc mix and make the oil stick to the walls abit better .. checked that banjo bolt which was one hell of a bugger to remove so i just unscrewed it to have a quick look before putting it back in .. when i was putting it in i punched a hole in the side of the filter .. thought stuff it ill just put it back in as i need the car running (its a daily for the misus) ... gave it a quiet run for abit till it warmed up then done a pull from 0 to speed cut .. results are below .. looking over them it didnt make much difference however i see the exhaust vvt on right bank is doing the same damn thing  


New Btssm run sincee oil change 0 to speedcut


Thanks guys for your input

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1 minute ago, Cowtipper2016 said:

I will try that on my next service in a couple weeks thanks @evowrx ... coincedently i have just finished building an 87 VL v8 wagon haha ... it's my weekend burn out machine 


Not saying that will fix the issue but it may help.


Mangamuka not a bad drive. Guessing if youre local there worth noting theres only 95 which explains the knock count.

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i was a local there haha .. its my home town so was just up there to visit family and friends .. but for an AWD the gorge is excellent for running through as it pushes every limit the car has .. I actually live in Atiamuri between Taupo and Rotorua where there is an excellent gull that has 98 .. of all the terrible reviews saying Gull is bad and to use the likes of BP or Mobil i dont understand why as is see BP/Mobil branded fuel tanks filling that service station up from time to time 

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