End links for Forester STI

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Need some front and rear end links for my 2004 SG9 Forester STI.


The rear lateral arms are the same as a WRX STI if I'm correct but the sway bar is Forester-specific.. So should I be looking for STI end links or Forester end links? 


Is Whiteline generally a pretty safe bet? If I'm not going to be adjusting them, should I just get the stock ones? 

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    • By donaldjboyer
      Legacy 2005 BPE
      Can you please help me identify this part on the suspension of my Legacy? Is it the Sway bar bush?
      Can I replace this myself?
     Thanks all,
      New Zealand
    • By RaKid
      Hi guys,
      I'm not comfortable with this
      Replaced factory front and rear sway bars the other night with 24mm FSB and 22mm RSB but I'm concerned the FSB link alignment is not correct.
      I read the instructions AFTER installing the bars and it says the wheels need to be on the ground/flat surface and to NOT jack just the car up and let the wheels hang down as this can pre-load the links. I performed this task by only jacking up the car.
      Although the rear bar and links look just as I expected the FSB and links don't look happy to me.
      Has anyone else done this on a GC8?
      Can anyone provide me some feed back on this? 

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