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Check engine light, cam position sensor ej25 bh9 legacy


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Hey Guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place or somebody has a similar post but I've got a number of check engine fault codes on my 2001 BH9 Legacy 250S EJ25 (always run on 95 petrol) they are P0390, P0365 and I did have a P0130 code which might've been before I replaced the O2 sensor post cat. The other 2 codes, which I believe both relate to the camshaft position sensor. It seems to be the case because when the car is at operating temp it loves to dip very low on idle sputtering and stuttering, loss of power and almost dying, etc. I ended up buying a new camshaft position sensor from supercheap and I've replaced it with the one that lives on the passenger side towards the front of the engine near the engine oil filler tube.


But I've still got the same codes after resetting and I've tried a lot of other things like injector cleaner and I've cleaned the throttle body replaced air filter added (mbl8 oil additive I think?) oilange with filter every 10k km and all that jazz. It also has some type of tick along the whole rev range, to me it sounds like it's coming from the top end on the passenger side. Other than that the car runs mint when it feels like being normal but it guzzles fuel like crazy, pretty much almost 15-17 litres /100km around town.  Sorry about the novel I just wrote but I'm out of ideas and I am a student so any help would be much appreciated! 

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16 minutes ago, Dre said:

Have you checked the alternator.Had same problem with my 2002 Bh twin turbo.

oh I never thought about that, by checking the alternator do you mean testing it using a multimeter or just having a look at the cables coming from it? and did you just replace the alternator after you found it was the problem? Thanks!


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Subaru mechanic with diagnostic gear couldn’t find the problem,auto electrician sorted it.Replaced alternator,problem solved.The cars original alternator charged 14 + volts running.Auto electrician mentioned a additional circuit in the alternator specific to the cam angle sensor?

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